Insects & Pests that Come Out or are Still a Problem in Fall & Winter in Round Rock, TX

Unlike Northern states in the U.S., Texas continues with temperate winters that prevent many pests from hibernating or looking for warm areas to hunker down until the colder months pass. Because of our slightly warmer climate, we deal with a variety of pests year round. Where some pests can be a nuisance outdoors, others indoors and still others both; we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share which pests you can expect to be a nuisance this fall and even into the winter months.

Fall Season Insect & Pest Problems

Fire ants: Most of the locals are very familiar with plagues of fire ants. If left undisturbed, their mounds can vary from a half an inch tall to several feet. Anyone and anything that disturbs their nests are attacked as fire ants are very aggressive. The ants react quickly to attack the posing threat with venomous bites. A painful burning or pinching sensation as the fire ant bites is noticeable for anyone who gets the misfortune of being bit by these resilient pests. Following the bite, a slightly hardened bump develops that itches for days. Should you find the ant mound, it is in your better interest to leave it alone and call a professional pest control company. Disturbing the mound will only increase your likelihood of being attacked and cause them to spread.
Fleas: When your pet comes in from being outside, they can pick up fleas in any grassy areas. Fleas can easily bite and feed off of humans just as easily, especially if hosts are scarce. Fleas can cause a number of illnesses to your pets by the diseases and viruses they can spread. Puppies and kittens are particularly susceptible to the threat of fleas and the bite marks can feel itchy to pets and people.
Spiders: The spiders will begin to follow their food source in the fall and winter as the other insects move indoors, so do the spiders. Most spiders are harmless and more of an annoyance than a threat, except for brown recluse and black widow spiders. Both of these spiders are rarely inside because of their reclusive nature. They prefer to hunker down in dark, undisturbed places. Should any of these spiders be inside your home it is highly recommended that you contact a professional pest control technician for assistance. The most common of spiders you will likely cross is the jumping spider. Kitchens that attract a lot of flies can expect to house spiders and their webs, usually tucked in corners. While spiders can benefit us by controlling the other insect population, most simply do not want spiders in their home or business.

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There are other pests that will start to make their way into your Texas home or business including other insects, rodents, and wildlife. If you should have a pest problem, or simply want to take preventative measures, call the experts of A-Tex Pest Management as we can help prevent pest infestations and get rid of current infestations. Keep in mind that pests are still a nuisance into the fall and winter and we are readily available.

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