Nocturnal Insects in Del Valle, TX; How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs, Cockroaches & Other Pests that Come Out at Night

If you think because you are not seeing pests in your home in the daylight hours you are free from pests you may be very wrong. There are many pests that stay out in the day and can be a real nuisance to you and your family. They can be house flies, bees, and ants that are working all day to work on their food supply and their nesting. You might walk in the house to see a line of crossing your counter which is an easy pest to spot. Although it is nice to know what you are dealing with these daylight pests make it easy. The pests that you might need not even know they are infesting your home are the ones that come out at night. There are many pests that are nocturnal and will stay hidden all day long while you are awake and alert. Then when you head to bed and turn out the lights you are giving all those night time pests the green light to come on out. Knowing what pests are night time crawlers will help you know what to look for. A-Tex Pest Management lists common pests that will come out at night to invade your home.

Bed Bugs are Active & Worse at Night

When it comes to pests that come out at night the bed bug is the top of the list. They are a nocturnal creature for good reason. They actually need to feed at night when there is a warm body nearby. IN the day time the people in your home are up and down and in and out of the house. During the day light hours the bed bugs get in your mattresses, blankets and in your furniture. They are very small and can hide really well in small areas. Then when you lay down for the night they are ready to feed. They will come out and attach to the exposed skin in your bed. They attach to the skin and start to feed on the blood. When they have completed their meal they will head back to the mattress and go back in hiding. That can make them extremely hard to locate and the first real sign is often the bites they leave behind. If you have any suspicion of bed bugs you want to call a professional as soon as possible because they are easily transferred to other people.

Cockroaches Eat Late at Night

The other pest that is a problem for the night time hours happens to be the cockroach. If you are not seeing any in the daytime around your house it does not mean that you are clear. The cockroaches are happy to find a dark, warm place to hide out while the sun is up. When you turn out all the lights in the house they are sure to start coming out. They will look for food to eat and that is why they are found in kitchens and around pet food most often.

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If you are concerned about pests in the night it is best to have a pest control inspection. We can check for potential pests that could be invading your home at night and set up the proper treatment.A-Tex Pest Management offers pest control inspections and services to treat for unwanted night and day time pests.

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