Giant Lichen Orbweaver Spider Info in Round Rock, TX; Identification of Spider & Webs, Range & More!

If you live in Texas you have surely passed through a web from an unsuspecting spider. Many times this happens out in the woods and could be spanned between trees. One of the spiders that is known among the area to spin a pretty massive web is the Lichen Orbweaver Spider. They are an interesting type of spider. While they are found across the United States, only about five species are found in the state. The spider is interesting as well as the web they spin and how they live their life. When you are dealing with any pest you should learn what you can about them and be sure you know what you are actually looking at. It can be difficult to identify certain types of pests but these spiders really stand alone. They are very unique in their look and what they are all about. A-Tex Pest Management explains what a lichen orbweaver spider looks like and what you can expect from them.

How To Identify A Lichen Orbweaver Spider

If you want to know if you are looking at a Lichen Orbweaver Spider then you should know these important details about their appearance. They are also called a Giant Lichen Orbweaver Spider because their size can be pretty large. They can reach up to more than an inch when they are fully grown just in the body! That explains that part of the name. The other part that can be explained based on their look is Lichen. That is a type of plant that grows near the bark of trees and is usually a green or tan color. It is actually an algae as well as a fungus that grows together to help sustain each other. They are found near these growth where they want to build their webs to look for food and a place to stay. They camouflage really well and that means that they are usually browns, greens and tans in their coloring. Even though they are pretty big you may walk right past one not noticing it hiding near the Lichen.

What Type Of Web Do Lichen Orbweaver Spiders Spin?

They are known to spin some pretty fantastic webs that can be quite large in size. They are a large spider so they tend to use a large web as well. They spin a circular web that is pretty sticky. If you walk through one by accident you are sure to come out with some stuck to your hair and body. Lichen orbweaver spiders hang out in the top of the web waiting for some unsuspecting insect to fly right in. Another interesting thing about this species of spider is that they will sometimes take some of the web with them when the move to a new location. During the fall months these spiders are out in abundance and in full force. They are also fully grown by then and that means they are ready to feed and even start to produce their offspring. Due to the simplistic nature and chemistry, their eggs can survive the winter.

Giant Lichen Orbweaver Spider Inspection & Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Even though orbweavers are non-aggressive spiders that will most often flee at the first sign of a threat, it can be unnerving to have such a large spider in your home and on your property. If you have a problem with spiders or other pests around your home, call A-Tex Pest Management Today!

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