What Attracts Pigeons & How to Solve Pigeon Problems in Manchaca, TX; Diseases from Droppings & More

Wildlife can be quite a nuisance. Damage to homes or business buildings, messes in garbage cans or landscapes, the possibilities are endless. The pests that come with fur or feathers are equally as important to eradicate as the insect sorts. We at A-Tex Pest Management would like to offer some tips and advice and facts concerning the wildlife pests that annoy out locals.

Facts About Pigeons

Carrying disease, mostly in their excrement, the structure damage pigeons cause to rooftops or little gifts they adorn our vehicles with, which can cause a dangerous slip and fall hazard and spread disease.
– Most active during sunlight hours.
– More commonly colored gray with a lighter colored backend.
– Cooing, and thrumming calls.
– Once they establish a nesting ground, or your roof, they never move on.
– They originated from Asia.
– They breed all year long, having 1-2 younglings each time.

Pigeon Diseases

Pigeons transmit diseases through their droppings. It may be easy to avoid touching wet pigeon droppings, unfortunately when they are left around our homes these droppings dry out and become a powder that can easily be inhaled. Some of the dangerous bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted this way include E. coli, histoplasmosis, candidiasis and salmonellosis. Pigeons are also a vector of mites and fleas.

What Attracts Pigeons?

Pigeons spend all year long roosting and breeding on buildings and congregating in open areas in urban environments but you can make your place less attractive to these nesting birds. Pigeons need about one square foot of a flat area in order to build a nest. When possible, close off the entrance to eaves, roof overhangs and other sheltered areas to eliminate these ideal roosting places. Pigeons are pickers that eat virtually any human food left behind so removing fallen fruit and pet food as well as covering outdoor trash containers goes a long way to keeping pigeons off your property.

Pigeon Repellents & Deterrents

– Utilize spike strips in the roosting areas on your roof.
– String along a piece of string on top of the roof where they like to roost for a less savage approach, they cannot balance well, and move on.
– Generously sprinkle spicy spices along roosting areas, and in the yard where they nibble. They greatly dislike hot spices.
– Call A-Tex Pest Management for professional eviction! We have the expertise to help you with any pigeon problems.

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