TX Rats Carrying Fleas with Murine Typhus; Contagious Symptoms, Treatment & Epidemiology in Austin Texas

There is a fair percentage of people roaming the world that get absolutely terrified of these little fuzzy pests. We are referring to rats in this case. It isn’t because of the “it’s so ugly it’s adorable” faces, or the quick scurry movements they manage. It’s generally because we know that when cornered and scared, their little teeth are their only defense. The offending bite may cause a little sting, but it is the diseases and viruses they carry that makes us shudder. Tiny fleas carrying the dangerous disease Murine Typhus have recently been found in Texas, hitching rides on rats.

Murine Typhus Epidemiology; Contagious Symptoms & Treatment

The cliff notes on typhus is the first documentation claimed the lives of approximately 17,000 Spanish troops in 1489 during the siege of Granada; symptoms being rash, sores, and delirium. Further description of the disease made its way to England then being called gaol or jail fever. In 1759 it was estimated to have killed 25% of inmates a year. In 1760 it was then called Typhus due to the delirium it caused. Epidemics raged through Europe during the wars due to poor living conditions. The disease was nearly eradicating in 1950. However in recent months, cases have surfaced throughout Texas!

Endemic Typhus Symptoms & Treatment

Murine Typhus also known as endemic typhus is often confused with a viral illness, many do not even realize they have Murine Typhus. Symptoms include headache, fever muscle and joint pain, nausea and vomiting. Some may develop rash after six days or so of the initial symptoms surface, and another handful might experience confusion, stupor, imbalance, and seizures. Treatment is curable with antibiotic therapy, however, complication, and even death may occur in the elderly or those with immune deficiency.

Murine Typhus is caused by a bacteria carried by fleas that infest rats. It is generally transmitted by bites from fleas, but rats can also be infected and transmit the disease as well. Many pest control businesses in Austin like A-Tex Pest Management have confirmed more rat activity than normal so it is important to take precautions.

A-Tex Pest Management has prepared the following rodent control tips to prevent rat infestations:

Do not let an easy food source invite them. If you have gardens or orchids keep them well maintained and don’t let fallen fruit lie. If you keep pet food outside be sure it is in a secure container. They will even snack on animal feces, so keep the pooper scooper on hand and keep the yard free of waste.
Do not offer them a home. Rats live in garbage, piles of wood, under undisturbed bushes and plants, along with old appliances, vehicles and such that is uninterrupted and excluded from human traffic. Basements and attics are a rats sweet haven. Be sure to keep your homes sealed and well kept, especially the dormant areas of your home.

Professional Rodent Control in Houston TX

If you feel that there is a presence of rats call A-Tex Pest Management. With our variety of services we can keep your home and loved ones safe from rats, their fleas, and prevent anyone getting Murine Typhus.

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