Natural Home Remedy Mosquito Repellants in Plugerville Texas

Mosquitoes can take away from any party, BBQ or summer get together. They are a nuisance and can also be dangerous too. There are cases where the mosquito has been a carrier of diseases that can be harmful and even deadly to humans. It can also take your guests attention away from the festivities while they swat and swipe off mosquitoes.

A-Tex Pest Management has prepared a list of home remedies to help naturally keep mosquitoes at bay:

Drops of Lavender – Many people love the smell of lavender but mosquitoes hate it. The smell of lavender when placed around the picnic area or around the party can help keep the critters away.
Rosemary – You can take some rosemary and add it the chicken that you are probably already barbequing. The aroma of the rosemary is another way to keep away the mosquitoes. They tend to hate the smell and will hopefully keep their distance.
Eat Garlic – If you eat more garlic, your body will naturally release the oils from the garlic through the pores in your skin. This will also keep some people away, but if you want to keep away mosquitoes this is a good way to deter them from heading in your direction.
Standing water – Take some time to go out before the day ends and find anywhere that water may be pooling up. Check near sprinkler heads and divots in the grass. You also want to make sure that you find some way to drain the water in the area. Mosquitoes love water and if they find it will surely start to congregate. This means the more that will be coming to your next party.
Plants – One of the best ways to keep them away and make your landscaping looking good is to incorporate some plants into your landscape. There are several plants that naturally deter mosquitos because of the smell. One of the best ones to go with is to plant a citronella plant. This can also be used to make a natural repellent spray.

Professional Mosquito Control in Austin, Round Rock, Plugerville, Leander & Cedar Park TX

If you want to try these different and natural ways to keep mosquitoes away you can, but if you want to be sure that your yard is mosquito free, you can also call a professional like A-Tex Pest Management. Ask about Mosquito Fogging; a yard and perimeter treatment that is effective for 20-30 days.

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