Skunk Facts: Spray, Habitat, What they Eat & Getting Rid of Skunks in Leander Texas

Skunks are one of the foulest smelling rodents that humans come into contact with. Although rats and mice are more commonly known to enter into your home, a skunk has every reason to try and gain entry and search for food and shelter as well. Skunks are infamous for their ability to spray a liquid with an extremely strong odor. The scent of a skunk’s spray can be smelt from a far distance away and is very distinctive and recognizable. While many people think that skunks hibernate, they actually do not. Rather they do den up for short amounts of time during the winter.

What to do if you Run Over a Skunk

Skunks have excellent hearing and smelling senses but they lack in having great eye sight. Skunks are unable to clearly see objects that are more than ten feet away from them. This makes the skunk a very easy target when it comes to road kill. Skunks are unable to see a car driving at a rapid speed towards them and will most likely get struck by a vehicle if they try to cross a busy high way. If you do happen to hit a skunk while driving, do not stop your vehicle; keep driving to avoid any stench that the skunk may have let out upon contact with your car.

Defensive Skunk Spray

One fantastic fact about skunks that few people realize is they have the most excellent anal scent glands. Skunks are able to use this unique attribute as a defensive weapon. Skunks have two anal glands, one on each side of the anus. These glands each contain a mixture of sulfur containing chemicals. The odor of this fluid is strong enough to ward off bears and other potential animals that attempt to kill and eat the skunk. The odor is also extremely difficult to remove from clothing, if you are sprayed by a skunk, it is better to burn the clothes you were wearing rather than attempt to remove the odor by washing them.

When a skunk feels threatened, they spray this liquid of offensive odor. Fortunately they are not quick to use it; only in the most desperate of situations. Skunks only carry enough of this liquid to use about five or six times. A skunk needs about ten days to produce a fresh supply of liquid stink. Some skunks become less afraid to come into contact with humans and have been found roaming around properties and into storage sheds and other forms of shelter.

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