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When it comes to pest control most people have a technician come out regularly to spray their home for pests such as spiders, cockroaches, beetles and ants, but one thing that is not included in a standard spray is the treatment of termites. Termites are their very own beast that takes specialized treatment and expert technicians. Termites live in colonies and are usually very hard to see. That is because they spend their time in the interior of your walls eating and tunneling through the beams and supports that make up your home. One thing about termites is that they work all day and night and will eat away at the wood in your walls until there is almost nothing left. They don’t make any noise that you can hear so detecting them takes some serious expert training.

A-Tex Pest Management has what to look for and how a technician can determine if you have a termite infestation:

Termite Inspection: If you live in a home that is made with a wood framing then you could be a victim of termites. Although termites do better in specific kinds of climates they can be found most anywhere in the United States. They can find a very small hole in the siding of you home and start to set up their colony in no time at all. Once they are inside they will stay unless they are treated and eradicated. A trained technician from A-Tex Pest Management can come out and look around your home and walls and see if there are any signs that termites can be there. We can also show you the evidence so that you know that there is a problem.

Termite Control: If you are found to have a termite infestation in your home you need to act fast. There is really no telling how long they have been there and how much damage they have done. Termites work round the clock and will eat nonstop. This means that the wood that is holding up your home is being weakened a little at a time. There are millions of dollars in damage each year to homes due to termites.

Termite Treatment: When you hire A-Tex Pest Management, our expert technicians will have specialized treatment plans that may include several visits to get the entire colony killed off. These treatments will be different than your normal pest control that is done on a monthly basis so be prepared to have exterminators out more often during this time. Once termites are treated, we will come out and re-inspect the home to be sure that all the termites have been removed.

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