Tips On Keeping Pests Out of Your Leander TX House; Sealing to Block Access, Cleaning Up to Prevent Harborage & Professional Pest Control

During these colder months, many species of insects and wildlife critters are looking for a warm place to hunker down. Your home is the perfect refuge if not properly fortified. No one in particular appreciates having a run in with a creepy crawly, especially the venomous sort or the disease carriers.

A-Tex Pest Management would like to offer you a few tips on keeping those critters out of your home. Keeping them out of your home keeps the local population down, and your loved ones safe from potential venomous and diseased uninvited guests.

1. Sealing to Block Access to Pests. The little brutes are constantly searching for an inviting crevice, gap, crack or hole to burrow their way in. Inspect your home of such breaches and get them sealed. Looking for these pest welcoming entry points around windows, doors, plumbing and wiring are the most common places to begin. If any openings are discovered, seal them up with the appropriate measures. Caulking, expanding foam, or weather stripping are all utilized in different circumstances. If necessary, a professional handyman can be hired to assist you in this endeavor.
2. Windows, Screens and Doors Pest Prevention. Survey the doors, windows and screens. Often the little creepers use these portals. Repair or replace as needed. Keep the windows sealed tight. Screens can be easily patched, but if the damage is excessive, repairing may be impossible.
3. Seal Damper Closed to Prevent Wildlife. For those who feature a fireplace, make sure that when not in use the dampers are sealed closed. If you do not have a functioning damper, execute repairs or replacements. Getting the idea from St. Nick, quite a few varmints use the chimney to come in to your home.
4. Exterior Pest Control. Now that you have sealed up your home, it is time to do a walkthrough of your yard. Any piled up wood or clutter is just as inviting to critters as your home is. Move the stack of wood away from your home. Clean up the clutter so your homes perimeter is free of piles of junk. Trim back the foliage and prune the tree limbs away from your home. Keep the landscape well manicured. Check the eaves and the siding, the rooftops and the gutters. Clean them out and make any necessary repairs to remove the real estate market from the pests in the market.
5. Hitchhiking Pests. When bringing in your holiday decorations from storage, keep in mind the pests could have already moved in to various boxes or bags. When digging through your treasures, keep a look out for any hitch hikers.

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Taking preventive measures to keep the vermin at bay is always helpful, but you need the expert on your side as well. Hire the professionals from A-Tex Pest Management to do what they do best and perform a routine pest inspection, and efficiently spray your home’s exterior and interior. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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