How to Stop Mosquitoes From Biting You Naturally & With Professional Mosquito Pest Control in Cedar Park TX

When it comes to pests that are a real problem when you are outside there is one that is the worst! This pest is called a mosquito and can be a real problem especially during the evening hours. When the mosquitoes come out they are a nuisance but can also be much more than that. Some mosquitoes carry disease that can be transmitted to a person if they are bitten. Some of these well-known diseases are Malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya and the most recent, Zika Virus. These diseases can be difficult to treat and can cause health concerns ranging from fever and joint pain to brain swelling and pregnant mothers giving both to babies with microcephaly (small heads).

A-Tex Pest Control Lists Some Fun and Natural Ways to Help Repel Mosquitoes

Lavender Repels Mosquitoes: The smell of lavender is a natural repellent for mosquitoes. The smell will drive them away and will cause them to stay away from the area. You can use a few small drops of lavender oil on your body to keep them away from a specific person, or you can use a few drops around the table cloth and surrounding area. Another way that you can keep the mosquitoes away is to add a few drops of lavender oil to a piece of ribbon and hang it in a window to keep them out of your home.
Rosemary Mosquito Repellent: Rosemary is a plant that can also be used to keep mosquitoes at bay. It is a natural repellent and the pests won’t want anything to do with it. One fun trick is to add the rosemary to the barbecue coals that you will be grilling with. You can sprinkle some on before you start to have the smell surrounding the area that you will be cooking. You can also plant rosemary plants around your garden and patio.
Garlic Keeps Mosquitoes Away: You can use garlic as a way to keep mosquitoes away from your house and family. This may not be the most pleasing option since you don’t want to have the smell of garlic all over the place.
Remove Standing Water: This is what will attract mosquitoes to want to hang around your home. If you see small puddles of water near your house this can be what the mosquitoes are using to survive. They will be able to stay around for a long time if there is water to drink. They don’t even need the water to be fresh in order to stay well hydrated. Take time to ensure that water has a place to drain and won’t start to puddle up.

Mosquito Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

If you are still having trouble with mosquitoes around your home you can call A-Tex Pest Management to use a more commercial and professional treatment to remove them. We utilize an effective Mosquito Fogging Service to treat your yard and the perimeter; effective for up to 30 days! We are detailed and meticulous to ensure every inch of your yard in the Greater Austin area is covered and protected. A-Tex Pest Management mosquito program is designed to eliminate mosquitoes and create a barrier to prevent them from returning. Not only are our equipment and products high quality, but eco-friendly as well.

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