What Keeps Squirrels Away in Point Venture, TX? Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Trim Trees Back from House & More

Nothing is worse than finding a pest in your home that is damaging it and causing messes! One of the pests that people have to be concerned about are squirrels. They are a nasty pest that is great when they are out in nature where they belong but not so cute when they get in your home or garden. There are many reasons that you should keep squirrels out of your home from safety to a sense of peace. They chew through your wires, insulation and can cause damage where they try and nest. You want to be sure that you do what you can to prevent squirrels from gaining access as well as have your home treated if squirrels do make it in. A-Tex Pest Management offers tips to keep squirrels out of your residence.

Remove Food that Attracts Squirrels

If you start to see squirrels running around your home and even your property you need to find out what they are eating. They are going to stay around an area that is full of food to eat. You might not realize it but you are feeding them. If you want them to go away you need to stop the food. It is best to rake up your yard and remove any nuts and fruit that could be a meal for a family of squirrels. You also should take some efforts to cover your fruit and vegetable gardens so that the squirrels are not able to gain access. They can also get food from your garbage so you need to ensure that the lids are secured tightly.

Squirrels Really Like Bird Feeders

You might enjoy watching birds flying around your home so the best way to entice them is with a bird feeder. You get a cute little house and fill it full of bird seed. The problem is that this is also a squirrel feeder! The squirrels will often climb the bird feeder and take out all the seeds. There are some really ingenious ways to protect your bird feeders. If you have one it is best to protect it from these little critters.

Trim Trees Away from House to Keep Squirrels Away

If you have trees on your property you need to take a good look. You may not be able to pinpoint how the squirrels are getting in the home but a strategically placed tree is a great avenue. Trees that are too close to the home and have branches that hang over the house are the most common way that squirrels get in your home. They can gain access to the roof and in turn get in the attic and under the eaves. You want to take time to trim back the trees that hang near your home. They can still jump across but this will limit the squirrels that choose to go that way.

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