How Can We Prevent House Guests from Bringing Bed Bugs into Our Home in Wells Branch, TX?

If you are someone that ever has overnight guests over, you need to be cautious about what they are bringing into your home. Most house guests mean well but something you need to wonder about is if they are bringing in bed bugs. Bed bugs are a serious problem and one of the hardest pests to deal with. They are sneaky and will be found hiding in cracks and crevices of your mattress as well as other fabrics as well. When you travel there is a set of tips you should follow in order to keep bed bugs off your personal belongings. When you have people over to your home the set of tips to follow are different. A-Tex Pest Management lists tips to follow when you have guests over and you want to prevent bed bugs.

Ask Guests Questions

When you are starting to make your arrangements for guests that are visiting your home, you can ask them all sorts of questions. You most likely ask them who is coming so you can accommodate the number of people. You also ask how long they are staying so you can be sure of the time frame. These are not questions that you are afraid to ask so you should just ask another one. There is really no way around asking about bed bugs. Expect to just throw it out there. Bed bugs can be found in all sorts of homes across the US so it is not a put down. Ask your guests if they have had bed bugs and if so they have been treated. If they have not or they are in the process, you may want to ask them to make other arrangements. It is best to not put your family at risk.

Prepare a Room for Guests to Sleep

One thing that you can do even if your guests claim to be bed bug free is to still use some precautions. You can start by using a mattress cover that is made from plastic. This will protect your sleeping space just in case they picked up bed bugs while traveling to your home. They are easy to get when staying at a hotel or motel as well as during their flight.

Luggage & Garment Covers

When you have guests arrive you can ask them to place their bags in a plastic sealable bag. You can also place their jackets and even their shoes. This will help to keep the bed bugs on the luggage and potentially suffocate them killing them off. Then they are not able to get out of the bag and into your house.

Bed Bug Pest Inspections, Treatment, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

It doesn’t matter how clean your home is. Anyone can get bed bugs in their residence by accidentally bringing them in on used furniture, luggage, clothing and more. If you suspect bed bugs, call A-Tex Pest Management to conduct a thorough bed bug inspection and begin a custom treatment plan if found. Call us for all your pest control needs!

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