What Do Brown Recluse Spiders Do in the Winter & How to Get Rid of Them in Garfield, TX?

During the winter many pests will enter homes and other human domains in search of food or shelter. Spiders are not directly affected by the cold. Within their blood are anti-freeze antigens that allow spiders to survive even the coldest of climates. However, many homeowners may still see an influx of spider activity in their home, garage or other structures. One particular species is the Recluse spider. While four recluse spider species can be found in Texas, the brown recluse is the only one that lives in close association with humans in Austin, TX. Why are these spiders found inside the home and how to prevent them this winter season? A-Tex Pest Management will share more about brown recluse spiders and how to protect your home from this dangerous spider species.

What Do Brown Recluse Spiders Do in the Winter?

Brown recluse spiders have found a great way to survive the winter season and that is by invading homes. While recluse spiders won’t die due to the cold, their prey does, or many go into hibernation and winters can be challenging for recluse spiders to find food. Many insects and other spiders will invade homes and other human structures to get out of the cold. Therefore, naturally, recluse spiders will follow their prey.

Do Brown Recluse Spiders Go in Houses?

However, recluse spiders don’t always wander into a home or building on their own. Instead, they are brought inside. Recluse spiders love to hide in clothing, in boxes and other items, including produce and are unknowingly brought into the home. Once in the home, Recluse spiders will seek out food at night and will hide during the day. Inside the home Recluse spiders love to hide in boxes, inside shoes and in between clothing. Recluse spiders hunt and don’t use webs so their presence easily goes unnoticed.

How to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders

Recluse spiders, including brown recluse spiders, are potentially dangerous and once bitten, a person often requires medical care. Controlling recluse spiders is essentially taking the same steps when controlling other spiders in the home. Since, recluse spiders don’t always wander into the home, but are brought in, this means when bringing packages inside the home the items should be carefully inspected, especially produce. Much of our produce comes out of California and other subtropical regions and there is a thriving population of recluse spiders in these regions. When buying produce make sure to inspect the items in your cart thoroughly before taking them home. Another step in controlling recluse spiders is to control their preferred prey. By controlling cockroaches, crickets and other insects in your home, you’ll reduce the food sources for recluse spiders.

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