How Can You Identify Grass, Parson, Wolf, Widow, Recluse & Other Spider Species in Round Rock, TX?

One of the most chilling experiences a home owner can encounter is that of a spider crawling up a wall inside the house, or across the floor while in the kitchen, or sometimes even on your shoulder. Spiders are frightening to many people, especially when they are found living inside of your home. Getting a good night’s sleep after encountering a spider inside of your home is almost impossible. Texas is home to a variety of spider species, some of which have been known to enter homes and stay for a while, other species are known for their bites and fortunately most species are quite harmless even though they appear to be small tiny monsters that care crawling throughout your home. Dangerous or not, no one wants spiders living inside of their home, and to keep spiders out of your home permanently contact A-Tex Pest Management today. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in handling all spider species that occupy greater Austin, Texas.

Grass Spiders

The grass spider is one of the most familiar spider in Texas and are very common throughout the state. Grass spiders are most active during the summer time and are responsible for creating giant webs. The web created is a fairly dense sheet of crisscrossing threads with a distinct funnel shaped retreat at one end where the grass spider patiently waits for its prey. The web is not adhesive like other spider webs, but the grass spider relies on its lightening fast reflexes to catch its prey once inside of the web. After catching its prey, the grass spider typically returns to the retreat, out of view, to consume its meal. Some prefer to eat in private, so for the grass spider, it is a table for a party of one.

Parson Spiders

One of the most common spider found within homes is the Parsons spider. This species of spider is often found hiding in dark corners that are rarely disturbed. Outdoors they can be found hiding under rocks, or other objects that are rarely moved. The parson spider is a species of ground spider, meaning that it does not spin a web, but it hunts for its prey on the ground, chasing its prey and eating it. The parson spider is known for having a unique set of eyes that are strangely shaped. These spiders have the ability to sense polarized light and can use this sense to navigate back to their hiding place.

Wolf Spiders

The wolf spider has often been compared to a tarantula because it is hairy, thick and moves quickly. Although the wolf spider is much smaller than the tarantula, it is a ground hunting spider and can run very rapidly to catch its prey. The most common species of wolf spider is the burrowing wolf spider, at night they can be found waiting just inside of their burrow entrance, looking for the next innocent meal to waltz by so they can pounce on it.

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Wolf spiders, parson spiders and grass spiders are just among the large variety of spider species that occupy Texas. There are also many species of garden, hunter, jumping, crab, cellar, widow and recluse spiders as well. If you are having trouble with spiders in your home or on your property, contact A-Tex Pest Management today.

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