Where are You Most Likely to Find an Ant Nest in Bee Cave, TX? What Attracts Infestations of Ants?

Dealing with pests is a nuisance and you should do as much as possible to prevent an infestation. Ants are a big problem when the weather begins to warm up. The warmer weather brings out all kinds of pests like bees, wasps, mosquitoes and those pesky ants. The ants are a pest that will show up in a line across your kitchen counter in search of food. They are so small that gaining access to your home is really quite simple for them. The tiniest gap and a small bit of food is enough to bring them in. Although many times you can see them in their neat lines they can also hide. A-Tex Pest Management outlines some common areas ants try to hide.

What are Ants Attracted To in the Kitchen?

One of the most obvious places that a colony of ants are found is in a kitchen. The reason is that the kitchen is where you do all your meals and store all your food. That is exactly what a colony of ants is in search of. They need to find enough food to take care of the colony so they will search constantly for food to take back. One major place that you may overlook when dealing with ants is near where you store your sweet foods. These are things like sugar and syrup. When they are put away it is critical to clear off the spouts to ensure that the substance is out of reach. An obvious area is if you choose to not sweep up the crumbs off the floor. Ants can be seen walking around the edge of the kitchen under the cabinets. That can sometimes make them hard to see at first glance.

Dog Food Attracting Ants?

Ants start outdoors and that means that if you have outside dogs that you leave food out for you could be feeding ants as well. Watch out for the colony near the dog bowl or the container that the food is kept in. The closer the ants are to your home the more likely they are to get inside. You want to be sure that you keep the pet food picked up and thrown out after they are done eating. It is a bad habit to leave the food out all day. Ants are not the only pest that you will be attracting since cockroaches are also attracted to dog food as well.

Why Would there Be Ants in My Bathroom?

Ants are not only on the hunt for some food to eat but they also will need to find moisture as well. The moisture that they can get to is many times from a sink, bathtub or shower. That means that your bathroom is a potential target for ants to invade. Be sure that you keep wet towels and clothes off the floor and dry up and stop any leaks right away.

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