What Will Keep Bats Away in Pflugerville, TX? Vent Screens & Home Pest Sealing to Keep Bat Infestations Out

Most homeowners don’t want bats hanging around their home. As they might make for an authentic Halloween display, they do carry disease and their feces can hold various diseases as well. Bats don’t typically cause a major problem to humans and their homes. However, occasionally a stray bat will wander into your home, your attic or your shed. For those who can do without a bat flying around their home, A-Tex Pest Management will share how to protect your home.

How Can I Keep Bats Away from My House?

Bats don’t typically invade a home intentionally, and they do play an important role in our ecosystem. However, sometimes they may look for a place to roost if they had been evicted from their previous home. To prevent your home from becoming a bat’s new nesting site, follow these basic tips to prevent them from invading your attic, garage, or shed.

Home Pest Sealing to Keep Bats Out

Start by inspecting your home for gaps large enough to let bats inside your home–typically the attic. Put your main focus on your roof. Look for spaces. Keep in mind, the smallest of spaces can be a problem. Some bat species are very small, so seal all gaps that are 3/8 of an inch or larger with a caulking glue or sealant. If you have a current bat problem, go outside at dusk and see where they are flying from to help pinpoint the location that they are using to get inside your home. During the day, contact a pest control company that does bat removal, than seal off the entry points they are using. Bats will crawl up loose trim work on commercial and residential buildings that use these types of flashing on their roof. Tighten or seal the trim that came loose to prevent bats from entering into the attic space. Another common home roof that allows bats inside is the single tiled roof. Single tiles do overlap each other. However the smaller bat species still has plenty of room to crawl through and find an access point into your home. You will want to use caulking glue and seal the edges between the eaves and the tile. Some homes, depending on their roof’s design and layout, might find it is easier to cover their roof with netting. Another place bats use to enter our homes is attic vents. Most attic vents aren’t properly sealed and provide a big enough entrance for bat or other pests to use to get inside your home. You may want to cover all vents with a metal mesh wiring to maintain the needed circulation, but keep bats out.

Bat Wildlife Pest Inspections, Treatment Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

If you have a bat problem, contact a professional to help remove and relocate the bats. After the bats have been removed, make sure to do the necessary work to prevent them from entering your domain again. If you need help removing a stray or even a major bat intrusion, contact A-Tex Pest Management. We provide wildlife removal and other services. You don’t need live bats adding to your Halloween décor this fall. Contact A-Tex Pest Management today.

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