Does Mint Tea Repel Ants? Is Basil a Good Insect Repellent? Will Peppermint Keep Spiders Away in Lakeway, TX?

Are you sick and tired of pests hanging around your home? They seem to come out of hiding and cause serious trouble for people in your home. There are many pests that can be a real pain and even cause problems for people with allergies and asthma. The best option you have is to hire a pest control company to come out and treat your home for pests such as cockroaches, crickets, mice, rats and many others. Although this is the best course of action, you can also use other remedies to try and deter pests from coming near your home and property. A-Tex Pest Management lists natural home remedies to drive pests away from your home.

Does Mint Tea Repel Ants?

If you want to have a few back up plans for getting rid of ants around your home you can use a bag of mint tea. Place them in areas that you know the ants congregate and leave a bag sitting there. Another way to avert ants is to place a piece of cucumber on the counter or the area that the ants are getting in. Most ants will stay away from the smell of cucumber for some reason.

Remove Standing Water to Prevent Mosquitoes

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to remove all standing water around you home since this is where they are found most often. If you want to do more to prevent mosquitoes you can plant catnip flowers which will look beautiful and also keep mosquitoes away. You can also plant marigolds and lemon balm as well.

Is Basil a Good Fly & Insect Repellent?

If you open your door do you have a swarm of flies trying to get inside? If you do, you know that they are a real pain to have all over your home. You can always walk around with your handy flyswatter and take care of them one at a time but that takes forever and you have to spot each one. You can also use a sweet basil plant. They do not like the smell of the basil and they will stay away. You can plant them near your doors and windows and even have in your indoor garden. You can use eucalyptus oil as well in the same manner. If you have an area that has tons of flies you can put the oil on a rag or cloth and leave it sitting there. This will deter them from sticking around.

Will Peppermint Keep Spiders Away?

Did you know that spider hate the smell of peppermint! You can use an essential oil that is scented with peppermint to keep them at bay. Many people will mix it up in a spray bottle and spritz areas that have spiders to eliminate them. It is great to use near doors and windows and around plants that are home to many spiders.

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All though using these tips is a great idea nothing beats using a professional pest control company. A-Tex Pest Management has the right tools to ensure that all pests are treated and you home is protected. Call us today!

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