Should I Be Concerned About Honey or Carpenter Bee, Hornet, Yellow Jacket or Other Wasp Stings in Austin, TX?

Are you interested in a company that has the ability to inspect, remove or treat for all those annoying stinging pests that seem to be a problem each year? Look no further! A-Tex Pest Management offers full service pest control that includes treating and removing pests such as wasps, honey bees, carpenter bees, yellow jackets and even cicada killers. These are some of the most common types of stinging pests that you will found throughout Greater Austin, TX. We have the tools and know how to help exterminate all of these kinds of pests!

Hornets & Other Wasps

There are several species of wasps that are found in throughout Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. They are mostly a social pest and are found to be good for the environment. They have a stinger and will use it if they feel that they are being cornered or attacked. Most of the wasps live and work as a unit and that also means attacking as a unit. Many times the person that is being stung is stung by more than one at a time. They are found around areas that have water nearby such as a river, lake, pond or even swimming pool. The most common wasp is called a hornet and can be identified by their black body and white colored face.

Are Honey Bees Friendly or Aggressive?

A honey bee is a hard working colony that collect pollen and nectar and produce honey that many people enjoy on a regular basis. They are easily identified by their fuzzy body that is usually a dark brown and yellow striped pattern. They are found in groups and are usually not out to attack. They will in fact attack if they think that their hive is in danger. There are adverse reactions to their stings for many people that can be minor to a major problem such as anaphylaxis.

Carpenter Bees

These are another much larger species of bee that you may run across. They are black and shiny and some of the males have some orange marking as well. They are not a social bee and will be seen on a one on one basis. The odds of running into one are less likely since they don’t live in colonies like the honey bee.

How Dangerous are Yellow Jackets?

A yellow jacket is a species of wasp and are often misidentified as a bee because of the yellow and black coloring. They are not like the bee because they are an aggressive stinging pest and will go after someone unprovoked. They are usually found in a nest in the ground and their colonies can ready up to a thousand members!

Do Cicada Killers Sting Humans?

This is another species of wasp and but they can be identified because they are bigger than most other wasps and they have lighter markings such as brown and white. Their behavior is similar to other wasps and will sting if you get too close to their nest. They get their name due to their main food source which happens to be cicadas. They paralyze them with their venom and enjoy a hearty meal.

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