What Gets Rid of Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jacket Wasps, Hornets & Other Stinging Bugs in Lago Vista, TX?

If you live in the Greater Austin, Texas area you know that stinging pests are a real problem. The biggest being that no one wants them close enough to get stung. The sting is uncomfortable and can be dangerous if you have an allergic reaction. A-Tex Pest Management offers pest control services that include the relocation and extermination of pests such as carpenter bees, honey bees, bumblebees, yellow jackets and hornets. These pests are most likely to be found in the spring and summer when more people are spending more time outdoors as well. This is why there are times that an expert technician will need to come out and treat a particular area.

Are Carpenter Bees Harmful?

A carpenter bee is many times misidentified as a bumble bee because they are very similar in their look and size. The biggest difference is that a carpenter bee is not quite as fuzzy as a bumble bee and they are also found often times around wood piles. They will bore into a piece of wood and can cause some damage to wood structures around your home.

Are Honey Bees Aggressive or Friendly?

The honey bee may not sound like a big problem with the name but they can be aggressive. Although they offer a great product that is used all over the world they need to be in an area that is suitable and not near a family’s home. They usually reach about a half inch in length and will become aggressive when they are startled and confronted.

Do Bumblebees Sting?

These are the largest of the bees and can be frightening when you see one fly past you. They can reach up to an inch and a half and are fuzzy. They are not usually found in large colonies because they are usually in smaller groups. They also live in holes in the ground which is different than their other cousins. Fortunately, bumblebees rarely sting.

How Dangerous are Yellow Jackets?

A yellow jacket is a large wasp that has very distinct black and yellow markings. They are usually found near a nest that is attached to the eves of a house or in any nearby structure. They have even been known to build a nest inside a wall that can lead to some serious home damage. They can become aggressive and will have a painful sting if they can get close enough.

Is a Hornet a Wasp

These aggressive stinging pests are a problem in the Austin, TX area. These wasps can reach up to an inch and a half in length and are usually found in a swarm that number in the hundreds. Each hornet is able to sting multiple times which can be painful and dangerous to the person that happens to be in their path.

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A-Tex Pest Management has services that can treat your home and property for all these kinds of stinging pests that may be causing trouble for you and your family. Call us today!

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