What Attracts Scorpions & How to Prevent Striped Bark Scorpion Pests in Pflugerville, TX

As we hit the beginning of spring our thoughts may turn to the coming heat and summer. When the high temperatures of summer are upon us, we are not the only ones seeking a cool or cooler environment to beat the heat. Arachnids, spiders and scorpions are too. Scorpions like neither very hot or very cold environments. During hot and dry weather they seek out water and more hospitable surroundings. They’re one of the unwanted pests found under rocks, paving stones, logs or landscaping materials. Another place is wood piles and your home. Scorpions are night hunters, they stay hidden in the only to room at night looking for prey. Like every creature, endothermic organism relies on the ambient air temperature and direct exposure to the sun to manage their temperature. Another aspect of the nocturnal nasties is that by inhabiting what by nature is desert, internal water management is high on their to do list.

What Do Scorpions Look Like?

Let’s face it, there is something that strikes a primal cord in our psychic. The pincers, technically the pedipalps, the low body stance, multiple legs and the tail with the stinger. The pedipalps hold prey while the tails stinger can be used to defend or paralyze prey. Eyes, two on top and multiple pairs of eyes along the front corners of the head. Something about scorpions screams predator. Anything with more than a single set of eyes and multiple legs are creepy.

Striped Bark Scorpion Prevention

With 18 species of scorpions haunting Texas, only one ranges across the state, the striped bark scorpion. Though for most of us the bark’s sting causes only moderate reactions, those allergic can suffer more extreme and dire symptoms. Come spring cleanup your best bet is to be sure to wear gloves doing yard work. Keep wood and debris away from the house. Prune trees and shrubs that touch or overhang the roof of your home. Grass close to the domicile needs to be mowed short. Keep doors and windows sealed, check the weather stripping. Stone, brick and stucco have ‘weep holes’ that need to be stuffed with steel wool, copper mesh or screen wire. Break out the caulking gun and seal those cracks, crevices and areas where pipes penetrate exterior walls. Window screens need to be kept in good repair and fit tight to the window frame.

Scorpion Pest Inspections, Control Treatments, Removal & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

Professional exterminators can treat your foundation for scorpions around doors, windows, eaves and other potential entry points. Scorpions hide in corners, cracks and crevices. One thing to keep in mind, scorpions are predators, and though they can go extended times between meals they still need to hunt and eat. A high scorpion infestation indicates another bug problem, meaning a generous amount of prey pointing to other complications. As scorpions are a problem in and of themselves but they may perhaps they are symptomatic of a far more reaching problem. Those with allergies, the very young and the elderly are most vulnerable. Except for their toxic sting and affinity for indoor spaces, scorpions are beneficial in keeping other bug populations controlled but it’s not worth the risk. A-Tex Pest Management can successfully treat the scorpions and other pests on your property. Contact us to schedule an inspection today.

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