Spring & Summer Seasonal Pest Guide in Bee Cave, TX; Ants, Fleas, Termites, Stinging Insects & More

Preventive measures are an important element to avoid pest infestations in your home. Knowing what type of pests can be intruding your home or business is half the battle. Once you know what to expect, you can better safeguard your home. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share our warm seasonal pest guide in Texas.

Spring Bugs & Pests (March-May)

Looking for food scraps that have been left around, spring causes the rodents and insects to emerge. By now, the rats, mice, and squirrels had babies and will likely hear them in your attic or walls. Any rodents that intruded over winter are likely to be spilling into the kitchen as well as some species of ants and cockroaches. As the weather continues to get warmer, the fleas will be populating. Fleas lay eggs on animals or in the soil. As it begins to warm, hundreds of hatching fleas will emerge. They can not only attach to pets in the outdoors but can hitch a ride on your shoes and pants as you walk by, where they will lay eggs on the carpets. Ants are also more active this time of year. Ants and even termites will swarm from their original colonies to forage and form new colonies. They will flood pantries, patios, and garbage to look for food and new places to nest. March is when the ants, particularly fire ants, are producing mounds in the yard. Spring is the most optimal time of year to control the ants with professional baiting systems. To manage fleas, be sure to have your pets protected, keep the landscaping trimmed, and contact a professional about maintenance applications to avoid flea infestations. If you find indoor ants, cockroaches, or rodents infesting your home or business, call a pro for immediate action.

Summer Stinging Insects & Pests (June-August)

Wasps start to appear by late May. Paper wasps are the most common in Texas and the single queens are looking for a place to build their small circular paper discs with a few cone nests. The most common place for the nests to be constructed are under the eaves of outdoor buildings, like gardening shades for example. In early spring, you may also run into hornets and yellow jackets. Should the colony have fared through the winter, the problem may manifest earlier. When it comes to food, yellow jackets are aggressive and fearless. As there are more resources to take advantage of, ants are in high population by late June and early July. More and more invasions may be seen in or around the house. By this time of year, the fire ants are full active and become more of an annoyance if the issue wasn’t dealt with in late spring. New infestations of cockroaches, including the species German, American, or Oriental roaches being the most common, are popping off in the prime months of June, July, and August. There are many foods and smells attracting the roaches to come, especially cooked meats from BBQs and such. The hotter weather also intensifies the smell of the garbage and recycling bins, and the smell of rotting food will attract roaches rapidly.

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