How to Rodent Proof to Keep Mice & Rats Out of Air Conditioner & from Chewing AC Wires in Austin, TX

Pests and wildlife will invade any space necessary to seek warmth and shelter year round. It is not uncommon for home owners or pest control technicians to find unwanted guests lurking in AC units, or even air ducts. This often results in costly repairs and unwarranted inconveniences for home owners. It’s important to know the signs to look for and to be diligent in checking your AC unit occasionally to keep it safe from uninvited guests. A-Tex Pest Management is here to share what type of pests to look for, what signs to look for and how to protect your AC unit from pests this year.

Mice & Other Rodents Can Get in Your Air Conditioner & Air Ducts

Mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and opossums are the main culprits we find causing damage to A/C units. They can chew through just about anything and make their way into your home through the smallest of openings. They make their nests in wall voids, attics, crawlspaces or anywhere else they see fit. They chew through insulation to use for nesting materials, chew electrical wiring which is not only an inconvenience and will cause major damage, but it presents a fire risk as well. Larger rodents will even chew through your A/C ducts as a means to get around. The larger the rodent the more damage they can cause. They leave holes in your ductwork which will allow the cooled air traveling through them escape. This of course can make your monthly energy rates sky rocket. Even more disturbing, these rodents contaminate every surface they touch, meaning if they have made their way into your ductwork, they have likely left behind these contaminants which in turn, could make your family ill as they float through the air circulated throughout your home.

Mouse Droppings & Other Signs of Rodent Activity Near A/C Units

It may be difficult to check your attic often, but there are other ways to watch for signs of rodent activity. Early intervention is key when dealing with pests such as these. The sooner you handle the problem, the better. Some of the signs are:
-Sudden changes in heating or cooling quality/Reduction of air flow from vents
-Increased all
-Tapping, scratching, gnawing, squeaking or grinding sounds coming from your attic or walls
-Foul Smells (ammonia, moldy or rotting rodent)
-Animal feces in or around your outdoor A/C unit
-Signs of chewed components on the A/C unit itself or wiring

Rodent Proof Your Air Conditioner with Home Sealing & More

With regular pest control inspections and HVAC maintenance, you can cut your risk of rodents invading your A/C unit significantly. Pest control contractors are trained to look for signs and in areas not often traveled by the typical home owner which means you can catch a rodent issue early, before it ever becomes a real issue. Your fool proof pest defense strategies are as follows;
-Cover vents, flues or holes in your home’s structure with pest-proof vent covers or screens to keep out birds, rodents and bugs.
-Store trash receptacles away from the home.
-Keep your yard free of debris and vegetation trimmed.
-Keep vegetation at least two feet away from your A/C unit. By allowing weeds and other vegetation to grow around your unit, you are actually attracting pests. Keep the area around your A/C neat and clean.
-Remove any standing water around unit so you don’t attract unwanted pests

Rodent Pest Inspections, Control Treatments, Removal & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

A-Tex Pest Management offers rodent inspections, removal, treatment and exclusion services to help you keep your home rodent free year round! If you have questions you’d like answered or need assistance pest proofing your home. Give us a call.

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