What are the Best Color Sheets to Avoid an Infestation of Bed Bugs in Your Point Venture, TX Home?

Bed bugs are a terrible infestation to have in your home or somewhere you might be staying. The problem is they are hard to detect and when you do, it is too late to prevent and your only choice is to focus on getting rid of. The majority of people realize they have bed bugs when they wake up from a restful night of sleep to find they have bites all over their skin. The bites are not felt because the bugs have an anesthetic quality that basically numbs the skin and makes it so that you will not wake up during the feeding frenzy. Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to treat and is most often only done by a professional that has experience in inspecting and treating them.

Are Bed Bugs a Sign of Poor Hygiene?

It used to be thought that bed bugs were only found in areas that were dirty and not taken care of. That is not the case. Bed bugs have been found in some of the cleanest and neatest homes and businesses. They actually prefer to have an area that is neat so they can hide where they want to and wait for the moment they can come out to eat. There has been some speculation and testing that has shown that bed bugs may have some kind of pull towards specific colors. A-Tex Pest Management refers to a study that was done that proves bed bugs are attracted to certain colors over others.

What Colors Do Bed Bugs Like & Not Like?

A study was done to see if bed bugs were drawn to specific colors or withdrew from others. When the test was done they used bed bugs that have been confined for the test and they used four colors to see what they preferred. The scientists used black, red, green and yellow to see what they liked the most. Black and red were the colors that the bed bugs seemed to go towards and congregate on. They stayed mostly away from the yellow and green. The scientists thought the bed bugs preferred the red coloring due to the fact that their diet consists of blood and that is red. Upon further study it seemed that the bed bugs were choosing red and black as a way to camouflaged themselves among the sheets so that they could stay hidden. They prefer to be hidden so that they are not found out. They want to come out and eat at night so they need to be able to hide really well. They stayed away from sheets that were yellow and green due to the fact that they would be out in the open with no hope of blending in.

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