How Can I Tell if I have Carpenter Ants or Termites in Manchaca, TX? What Does Damage Look Like?

Carpenter ants are one of the largest ant species found in America. Some of them can reach the same length of a dime. These ants are equally as destructive as termites and pose a serious problem for homeowners. Most ant species go dormant in the winter, especially the larger ant species. If you have seen a large black winged ant around your home during warmer weather, the sighting would suggest that carpenter ants are breeding and are spreading. Most wouldn’t panic at such a sighting as they would call their pest control company to come out and spray around their home. Nonetheless, if you see black winged ants in or around your home, know that something isn’t right. A-Tex Pest Management will explain the behavior of carpenter ants and why you may need year-round protection.

Carpenter Ants Can Live All Year Round & Not Go Away in Winter

The largest species of ants are most active during the spring and fall. They then retreat underground or to their nest during the harsher seasons. Same goes for carpenter ants. They typically only breed during late spring and early summer and go dormant by winter. However, if you see a big winged black ant in your home during winter, this would indicate a serious problem. A winged carpenter ant is the breeder of the colony. If they are still active in winter, this will suggest they have found a warm, temperature controlled environment in which to build their nest. This also means they are usually inside your home. Most likely an infestation of carpenter ants began in the spring and unknown to you, have been spreading throughout your home creating serious and expensive damages.

How Can I Tell if I have Carpenter Ants or Termites?

Some may confuse carpenter ants with termites and will contact a pest control company to treat their home for the wrong pest. Carpenter ants are much larger than termites. Some other differences to help you determine which pest you have is that carpenter ants are black or very dark in color. Termites are cream colored except for the queens which are black. Ants narrow at the waist and have bent antennae. Also look at the wings. Termite swarmers or breeders are black with lighter colored wings that form a teardrop, where carpenter ants have two sets of wings that are shorter in the front. Termites feed on the wood they chew where as carpenter ants don’t feed on the wood they chew. Instead they remove the wood pieces as well as the saw dust. Much like an ant hill, there will be a pile of saw dust near the openings of the galleries the Carpenter ants have created. Also, Carpenter ants are bolder than termites and are often seen crawling around their nests in search for food. Carpenter ants are omnivores and feed on anything. If carpenter ants are able to get to your food and pantry goods, or even your pet food, this will increase your chances of being infested with carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ant Pest Inspections, Treatment, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

If you see the winged ants or even the worker ants in your home or business during the winter, this wound indicate they are thriving nearby. If you continue to see carpenter ants while the temperatures drop, contact A-Tex Pest Management to inspect and treat your home or business for these destructive ant species. For all of your pest control needs, call us today.

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