Why are Mice & Rats Bad in Briarcliff, TX? Harmful Effects of Rodents & How to Keep Them Out

You will have to deal with rodents, no matter what part of the country you find yourself in. Austin’s most common pest problem is rodents like many states. This ranges from tiny rodents like mice to giant rats and so on. It might be worse off than you think when you realize you have an infestation problem. It can be very misleading only seeing one rat in your Austin residence. There might be two more you don’t for everyone you do see. You need to be vigilant for any signs of mice or rats in your Austin home because of this. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to discuss the rodent problem in Austin.

How Do I Know if I have a Rat or a Mouse Problem in My House?

Your home can be potentially be infested by many different types of rodents. If there is an infestation problem, almost all of them have identical trademarks that you can identify to know, however. Below are the some of the tell-tale signs of rats or mice.
– Holes in the wall
– The attic or basement area has structural damage
– Electrical damage as they chewed wires
– Water damage from chewed pipes
– Insulation is destroyed
– Food packaging as been torn into
– Chewed cloth/fabric/furniture
– Signs of nesting or burrowing
The damage caused by rodent infestations can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. Stay vigilant if you think an infestation is underway in your home or give us a ring today.

What are the Harmful Effects of Rodents?

In the U.S., rodents cause around 20 billion dollars in damages a year. They can compromise the structural integrity of your home and can carry and spread deadly diseases. The damage they can cause is devastating. Foundation, plumbing, electrical, and other damage can be severe from their nesting and foraging activities. In addition to the damage, rodents spreading diseases can bring complicated illnesses and even fatalities. If you see any evidence of rodent activity in your home, call in the pros quickly.

How Do I Keep Rodents Out of My Crawl Space & Walls?

You should know that traps are not as effective as you might think if you want to know how to deal with rats. Rodents are tricky, though snap traps and sticky traps might help you in catching one or two. They will change their patterns around your home as they get wise to the traps and avoid the places they are at. Additionally, snap traps are very dangerous on their own. Even children can find themselves being harmed by it if you place them in an open area, other animals, and the family pet. Also, it is a gruesome thing to find and very unsanitary when a snap trap kills a rodent. You need to reach out to the experts if you are struggling with how to deal with rats and rodents crawling around your walls. In a short amount of time, rodents quickly multiply. It’s time to partner with a professional if you start to see signs of rats or other rodents.

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If your Austin, TX home has evidence of rodents, or you want help preventing them or want to ensure your home is rodent free, contact A-Tex Pest Management and let us assist you.

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