Pests to Avoid This Christmas Holiday Season in Round Rock, TX; Bed Bugs from Hotels, Pantry Pests in the Kitchen, Spiders in Firewood & More!

The holidays are filled with family and friends, savory and delicious meals, cozy fires and hot chocolate. The last thing you want is that to be ruined by unwanted house guests. That’s right, pests are still a concern during the holidays. A-Tex Pest Management would like to share some tips to help you avoid any pest infestations this holiday season.

What Are the Chances of Bringing Bed Bugs Home from a Hotel?

Traveling is essential for many people during the holidays if they want to spend them with their loved ones. Before making your travel plans, be cautious when booking reservations. Do your homework and make sure that hotel hasn’t had any recent bed bug activity. As you arrive, you will want to do a thorough check to make sure there aren’t any signs of bed bugs in your room. Use a flashlight to check for blood smears or any castes left behind from the bugs themselves. You can pack your belongings in bug proof laundry bags to add another layer of protection from this invasive pest.

Store Food Properly to Avoid Pantry Pests; Bug Proof Food Storage Containers

The holidays are filled with many a delectable menu. Between holiday parties and sharing baked goods with neighbors and friends, there is a good amount of time spend in the kitchen. Not only do these delicious goods attract people, but they will attract pests as well. There are beetles, weevils, and moths that will come calling if there is food that isn’t stored properly. While preparing any food, make sure you are storing food so that you won’t have any of your holiday food contaminated and ruined by pantry pests. You should also clean up food right after the meal has been served, and avoid leaving unclean dishes in the sink overnight. If you see spills, you will want to clean them up promptly as well to avoid attracting any pests.

Check Your Firewood for Insects, Spiders, Termites & Bugs

Nothing makes your home feel like the holidays like a blazing fire and cup of hot chocolate while cozied up under a blanket. Nothing takes the chill out of a cold winter’s night like a fire in the fireplace. When you are gathering wood for your fire beware of the pests that frequently make their home in your pile of firewood. Many spiders find this the perfect spot to spin their web. You may also find termites there getting a meal from that yule log. You don’t want to take any unwanted house guests into your home via firewood. Check any firewood that you bring into your home before coming inside. Another way to avoid pests in firewood is to only bring in the firewood that you need for that day. When you store a large amount of firewood at a time in your home, it increases the chances of pests living in the pile.

Spider, Termite, Pantry Pest, Bed Bug Control & Much More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you spot any pests in your home this holiday season, let A-Tex Pest Management get rid of them before they spoil your holiday party. Call for an appointment today.

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