Don’t Let Pests into Your Kitchen this Christmas in Leander, TX; Seal Holes & Entry Points, Clean & Sanitize, & Other Tips!

‘Tis the season for baking all the delicious food a person could ever want. Seriously, the holidays are what dreams are made of for foodies everywhere. The only thing that could ruin it? Pests. Don’t let pests ruin your holiday baking this season. A-Tex Pest Management is here to share some tips to keep pests out of your kitchen this Christmas season.

Seal Holes & Entry Points from Mice & Other Pests

Not only do you not want pests in your kitchen, you don’t want them anywhere in your house. Close-up any entry points that pests might be able to squeeze through to get in. Don’t leave any doors and windows open, even while you bring in all the groceries. If you notice any cracks or holes in your foundation, you will want to get those fixed. Especially with colder weather, pests will be trying to get in at all costs. Check any food that you bring into your house for any sign of pests before purchasing it.

Don’t Give Pests a Water Supply

If you have any sinks that are leaking, fix them. Insects need water to survive and will be attracted to any water source they can find. If you have drains that aren’t working properly, don’t leave them unattended. Any standing water will be attractive to pests.

Don’t Leave Food Out Or You Are Feeding Pests!

Along with water, pests need food to survive. Clean up any spills right after they happen. Don’t wait to clean it up until tomorrow. Avoid leaving any dirty dishes in your sink overnight as well. They will be attracted to the old food and have no problem eating the leftovers you leave for them. Another way to keep pests out of your food, is proper food storage. Store your food in air tight containers that won’t allow pests to get to it. If you are worried about pests in your containers, put a bay leaf in there. Pantry pests don’t like the pungent smell of the bay leaf and will look elsewhere for food. Do you have your pet’s bowl of food and water in or near your kitchen? Many pests are attracted to your pet’s food and will come for their next meal if they can get to it. This could lead to pests in your kitchen. Don’t leave your pet’s food sitting out and especially not in the kitchen to avoid pest problems.

Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures to Avoid Pests; Proper Trash Removal

Don’t let trash pile up in your kitchen. It should be taken out frequently to avoid any food rotting and attracting pests. Pests aren’t picky eaters and love to feast on rotten food. When removing trash from your kitchen, be sure that your trash cans are kept as far away from the entrances to your home as possible. You don’t want a bunch of pests attracted to the trash cans right outside your back door.

Kitchen Pantry Pest Inspections, Prevention & Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you find pests in your kitchen as you are trying to prepare food for the holiday season, don’t hesitate to call A-Tex Pest Management. We can get rid of any of your pest problems. Call us today!

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