What Causes Silverfish & Are They Harmful in Austin, TX? How to Get Rid of Occasional Invader Silverfish Pests

Winter will keep a lot of pests away, but not silverfish. They are considered an occasional invader but they can actually be found in homes year round. These are tiny pests that are ½ an inch in size and flat. They are wingless with a carrot-shaped body that is covered in scales of silver. At the end of the tapered body are three tail-like appendages. They have long antennae and move in a wiggling motion that resembles the movements of fish and they will always run to safety if disturbed.

How Do Silverfish Get Into Your Home?

Silverfish get into homes in a variety of ways such as via cracks and crevices or carried inside hidden in personal effects. Our homes provide the perfect living environment for these pests as there are plenty of dark and damp places for them to hide, and lots of starch to feed on. Once inside your home and they find plentiful food sources, these insects will breed rapidly. Silverfish are nocturnal and will keep themselves hidden in tight crevices and cracks during the day. They do very well when humidity levels are high and will make their home close to a food source. They can live in many climates but prefer dark, damp areas kitchens, laundries, attics and bathrooms. Silverfish can also be found in bedrooms, living rooms, garages and sheds where boxes are stored, so pretty much anywhere in your home!

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Silverfish will hide in the day and forage at night. They will eat paper and glue which makes wallpaper a favorite along with other insects and because they like to eat paper they are oftentimes brought into a building by way of cardboard boxes and books or paper from an area that is already infested. They can live for weeks without food and water and most silverfish can live 2 to 8 years which means they can be in your home a long time. For the most part, they’re just a pain to have around, but if there’s a heavy infestation present it can cause damage to paper products like books, papers, clothing wallpaper and synthetic fibers. Because they are nocturnal and secretive, an infestation can get out of hand before you realize it.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

To get a control on silverfish, you’ll need to identify them first and any area you think they’re hiding in will need to be de-cluttered and treated. You can also use a dehumidifier to bring humidity levels down in your home that will cause them to look elsewhere for a place to live. Cinnamon and ground cloves have been useful in deterring silverfish to some extent, but will do nothing to kill them or their eggs. The infestation needs to be treated for the adults and their living space. Insecticides and traps will kill silverfish on contact but will do nothing for an infestation. You may have a break but almost always will have them return.

Silverfish Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Silverfish look like centipedes but they do not bite and are not known to be carriers of disease but we still want them gone. The easiest and quickest way to eliminate silverfish is to contact a pest control specialist. We can look at your situation and come up with the most effective way to eliminate them from your home. As soon as you see a silverfish in your home it’s a good idea to contact pest control company for help as they’re difficult to control on your own. Call A-Tex Pest Management today.

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