More Cockroaches in the Summer?!

When the summer is approaching and the temperature is getting higher a lot of things die off and disappear but there is one bug that loves the heat and becomes more and more abundant. We are talking about cockroaches. They can live through the hot summer months and tend to enjoy it. Cockroaches can be found in any area of your home but they tend to be found more often in kitchens and bathrooms. The reason they are found there is the amount of food that is available. They need food and water and will tend to build their nests in those areas. Make sure that if you have an issue with cockroaches you want to take care of them quickly. They are known to cause trouble for kids and adults with asthma and allergies. They can also cause germs to be spread across counters, floors and even food.

Atex Pest Management has prepared 5 great tips to help keep cockroaches out of your house this summer season:

1. Spills and crumbs are the first invitation to cockroaches to want to hang out in your home. The small crumbs can be a huge feast for a family of cockroaches. Make sure that you clean up crumbs, spills and put away any open food before the day is over. If you take away the food source you take away the reason to stay.
2. Keep your pets food sealed and put away. The dog and cat food left out is a big draw for cockroaches. Make sure that you keep the food picked up at night and make sure that you keep the bags of food in a sealed container that a cockroach cannot get into.
3. If there are dishes in the sink, then you could be welcoming cockroaches into your kitchen and home. The sink should be cleaned out and all the dishes should be cleaned and put away as quickly as possible. You should also make sure that you keep the garbage disposal cleared out and sinks washed out and clean.
4. Take some time to move out all the appliances and clean out behind them. Clearing out behind the refrigerator and stove will not only get the crumbs that fall behind them but it can also be getting rid of the nest of a family of cockroaches. Not only do the crumbs build up but the grease also builds up too.
5. Take all the boxes, dishes and foods out of the pantry and cabinets to clean up any crumbs and food particles that might be hiding. Cockroaches can easily make their way into cupboards and hide out so cleaning them out and vacuuming the crumbs up will take care of yet another cockroach food storage source.

After you have cleaned all the crumbs up and have all the food packed away you should also call a professional to come out. A-Tex Pest Management offers expert customized services that can take care of any and all of your cockroach and other pest problems.

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