What Recent Record Rains in Texas Could Mean for Pests

Record rains are great for crops and other vegetation, providing an excellent water source and a beautiful green environment. In fact, this may be the greenest the state of Texas has ever been! However, too much rain fall can have a negative effect on some aspects of our everyday life. The obvious would be flood damage, which can destroy some homes beyond repair and any valuables that reside inside of the home. However, there are some events that occur after a record rainfall that most home owners don’t realize because they are focused on the major impact of flooding or other damage.

Summer Time Mosquitoes After Record Rainfalls

Summer time is when most people start to plan their camping outings or other outdoor activities. With the recent rainfall, this may not be a good idea. Due to the recent precipitation there is a very large number of pests buzzing around along with the threats that they carry with them. Mosquitoes are going to be one of the most prevalent pests this summer season die to all of the recent rain fall. Mosquitoes thrive on standing water and that is in great abundance all over the area. Mosquitoes will breed and multiply at a rapid rate with all of the friendly environments that the recent rainfall has provided for them. Mosquitoes carry with them the threat of West Nile virus and other mosquito transmitted diseases.

Ticks Thriving after Heavy Rainfall

Another pest that thrives after heavy and constant rainfall is the tick. Rodents become a mobile feast for ticks. Unfortunately, rodents will find any way they can to get near or into your home to access your food storage. Lyme disease is a serious illness spread by ticks and can leave one seriously ill from its effects. Ticks will latch onto their host and suck out blood until they are engorged. Tick removal can be difficult and dangerous if the entire tick is not removed. Often times the head is burrowed into the host so deep that it tears off from the rest of the body when removed. Check for ticks regularly if you leave near a heavily wooded area.

Other Pest Populations Booming

Fire Ants during flooding literally ball together and float along the surface until they hit something like a tree. It is important that they don’t run into you because they will cling to anything and could cause some painful stings. Finally there are the pests that ruin Texas’ agricultural crops. We have recently seen a reappearance of the cotton boll weevil for instance. Unfortunately with all of the recent flooding, it has been difficult to even reach the crops let alone treat against harmful pests.

Professional Pest Management

After a heavy rainfall, it is important to inspect your property for any areas that are now more attractive to these pests. Get rid of any unnecessary standing water to avoid the presence of mosquitoes lingering, or breeding on your property. Call in a professional to help you manage any existing pest problem you may be experiencing. A-Tex Pest Management will take care of any and all pest concerns that you have.

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