Mind Blowing Facts About Ants in Granger, TX; How Do Ants Breathe, Can They Swim Underwater & More

Here at A-Tex Pest Management it is our job to be well educated on all sorts of different insects and pests. The amount of information we have amassed over the years has helped us keep our client’s homes pest free. Over time we have learned some very interesting facts about all sorts of different pests. Today we want to share some facts that you may not know about ants.

Do Ants have Ears?

Our first interesting fact that we want to talk about is that ants do not have ears. Ants feel vibrations in the ground through their auditory canals instead of hearing like humans do. To make up for the fact that they do not have ears, they use other parts of their body to help them perform every day tasks. They have special sensors on their feet and their knees that help them be aware of their surroundings. Ants use their antennae and hair to help them feel around when they are looking for food.

How Do Ants Breathe?

In addition to not having ears, they also do not have lungs. Ants are so small that they do not have the room to have a complex respiratory system in their small bodies. Instead of having lungs they breathe in oxygen through spiracles. Spiracles are a series of holes that are located on the sides of their bodies. They are connected through a network of tubes that help their body distribute the oxygen to their body.

What are Ants Stomachs Used For?

Third on our list also deals with the ants anatomy. Ants may not have ears or lungs, but they have two stomachs. One stomach holds food that they will eat on their own while the second stomach holds food that they plan on sharing with other ants. This second stomach allows some ants to stay in the nest while other ants go out and forage for food.

Are Ants Stronger than Humans?

Next up on our list is that ants are remarkably strong. They can carry between 10 and 50 times their own body weight. Each different species of ants has their own unique amount of strength. The Asian weaver ant can actually lift up to 100 times its own mass. Ants are strong because their muscles have a greater cross-sectional area than other animals because of their small size. This allows them to be stronger than other types of insects.

Can Ants Swim Underwater?

Have you ever tried to pour water on ants to help get rid of them? If so, you may have noticed that some ants can swim. Certain species of ants can survive in the water by doing some version of swimming or floating. Other species can also hold their breath underwater for long periods of time.

Ants are Found All Over the World

The last interesting fact that we are going to share with you today is that ants can be found almost anywhere on Earth. Not very many pests can be found all over the world. You can find ants on every continent on Earth except Antarctica.

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We hope that you learned something new today about ants. Since most of us will come into contact with ants throughout our life it is fun to have more information about them. If you have ants on your property that you need to get rid of, please call A-Text Pest Management. We can come out and help you get rid of ants and other pests.

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