How to Get Rid of Brown Dog, Lone Star & Blacklegged Deer Ticks in Your Serenada, TX House & Property

There are some pests that are problematic during certain times of the year and should be taken seriously. The warmer the weather the more you time you will spend outside and the more chances you have to come across these pests. One of the pests you want to be cautious of are ticks when the weather starts to warm up. Some people think that they are only a problem for pets and don’t pose any risk to the humans that might be in the area. The fact is that there are ticks that are problematic to people as well as pets and they would be willing to feed on a person as well. Ticks are known to carry disease that they can transfer to a person when they start to feed on them. You want to make sure that you know what to do about ticks and what types of ticks might be a problem. A-Tex Pest Management outlines the different types of ticks might be found around your area.

Brown Dog Ticks

One of the common ticks that you might have in and around your home are called brown dog ticks. They are common and can be found in most states across the United States. This is a tick that is often around 1/8 of an inch in length and are a brownish or red color. This type of tick is one that will invade your four legged friends and don’t normally get to feed on people. That does not mean they are not problematic. They can hitch a ride in your house on your pet, often around their ears and feet. If they come in the house they can hide under furniture, clothing and even under your area rugs. You want to make sure that your home and your property are treated for ticks to protect your home and pets.

Lone Star Ticks

Another type of tick you might find in and around your home is called a lone star tick. The lone star tick is a common tick that is found and unlike the brown dog tick, they are problematic for pets as well as people. They are known to feed on all sorts of animals like bats, cows, and birds as well as people. That makes them a carrier for many diseases that can then be transferred to a person when they start to feed. The lone star tick is usually about ¼ of an inch in length before they feed on a person or an animal. One of the ways you can tell you have a lone star tick is that they have a star in the belly of the females. You want to be sure you have your home treated to avoid being bitten and disease being spread.

Blacklegged Deer Tick

The last type of tick you can find in your area is called a deer tick. This is a type of tick that gets its name from the animal that it chooses most often to feed on. This does not mean you cannot be bitten by this same tick. The fact is that only a female can carry Lyme Disease and that means that many deer are infected with the disease. When you are bitten by a deer tick you have a chance to be infected. You want to be sure you have your property treated.

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