Insect & Pest Borne Diseases in Brushy Creek, TX; How Do Cockroaches, Rodents & Ticks Spread Disease?

The world is worried about a novelty virus that has started to spread. Most parts of the world and every state in the US has had some cases that have been confirmed. The spread of the disease is something you can help to control by sticking to the guidelines that are given out per state. They mostly include personal hygiene, social distancing and the cancellation of many gatherings including school. Most people will take the tips seriously and do what they can to minimize the spread of the virus. If you are worried about disease being spread in your home and around your family there are other culprits that are to blame as well. When it comes to pests there are several that are able to get in your home and they can spread and carry disease. The more you know about them the more concerned you should be and the more you should do to keep them out. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what pests carry disease into your home.

How Do Cockroaches Spread Disease?

One of the pests that you want to be aware of and want to make sure that you control are cockroaches. They are one of the pests that will carry disease and spread illness that can easily make your family sick. They are a common pest you can find in your house that are trying to get in throughout the year. They are looking for access to food, shelter and moisture. They are known to carry illness and spread germs around your house. After walking through garbage, sewers and other sanitary environments, they go around the kitchen looking for food and can walk across uncooked food and food preparation areas. This has been known to spread bacteria and illness such as salmonella. Cockroaches are also problematic if you suffer from asthma they can cause triggers.

Diseases Caused By Rat Droppings

Another pest that you will find in your house infesting your space are rodents. They are a pest that can be a problem all year round. They are commonly found in the house getting in food and hiding in walls and other crevices. They have also been known to carry with them disease as Hantavirus. This is a disease that can effect anyone in the house. The symptoms can be stomach pain as well as fatigue. They can even cause someone to have trouble breathing. They are also a pest that can spread bacteria as well.

Tick Borne Diseases

If you come in contact with a tick you want to make sure that you are aware of the disease that they can carry. Ticks are found outdoors and can get attached to yourself as well as your pets. If you have a tick that is infected with disease you can end up being affected. Lyme disease can be caught and is very hard to diagnose as well as treat.

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