How Do I Identify Pests that are Eating My Garden in Bee Cave, TX? Caterpillars, Aphids & Cushion Scale

The spring season is the best time of year to get your garden started or updated. The plants are usually best planted when the weather has started to warm up and there is no more freezing or cold weather ahead. That is also optimal weather for pests to emerge and start to feed and reproduce. If you have already had some experience with gardens, then you know how quickly an unwanted pest can ruin an entire plant! Once they start most of these pests will not stop unless they are exterminated or removed. Some pests are good for your garden such as bees because they pollinate the plants which make them grow and produce fruit and vegetables. Praying Mantises is another pest that actually can help your garden since their primary food source are the pests that are bad for your garden. With that said there are several pests that are really bad to find in your garden. A-Tex Pest Management lists some of the bad pests that you may find in your garden.

Caterpillars are Bad for Gardens

If you find caterpillars at all in your garden you need to work fast. Caterpillars of any kind are bad because they all have one thing in common and that is they eat plants! They feed constantly and will take down a plant in one day. One of the signs that a caterpillar may be present or in the area is if you are seeing butterflies. They also tend to hide well because they are usually green and blend into their surroundings. The best way to spot a caterpillar is to look under each of the leaves in your garden to see if you can spot them. If you do you need to remove them and get rid of them.

How Do Aphids Harm Plants?

This is another pest that can really destroy your garden and the plants. An aphid is a tiny pest that inhabits the underside of leaves and feeds on the sap. They are usually in big groups and that is one way that they can be identified. They don’t move around much and are also green so they can blend in. They excrete honeydew which is a draw for other pests that can also cause more damage to your plants.

Cushion Scale Could Be Killing Your Trees

Scale insects are pests that are protected by an armor-like shell or casing. These insects attach to the leaves of a tree or other foliage. They are often found in large masses. Scale insects are common in Texas but can be detrimental for your trees, particularly oaks and cedar elms.

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If you are concerned about pests in your garden they can be treated by a professional pest control company. A-Tex Pest Management offers full service pest control in the Greater Austin, TX area. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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