How Can Spring Pests Be Prevented in Pflugerville, TX? Exterior & Interior Pest Inspection, Home Sealing & More

Spring is a wonderful time when flowers bloom, grass gets green, trees sprout leaves, both wild and domestic animals are more energized, outdoor activities are in full swing, and homeowners are busying themselves with spring cleaning and home improvements. But in the middle of all that action, the many little pest species; insects, vermin, wildlife, and birds are looking for convenient food and water sources and perhaps even shelter and security. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to offer some tips on minimizing their efforts on intruding in your home while you are already set to scratch off spring cleaning tasks and home improvement duties off your spring work load list.

Exterior Pest Inspection

It is best to start with walking around your home, if getting close access to the roof is beyond your ability, utilize binoculars. You are looking for gaps, cracks, holes, and other similar damage on the exterior of your home. Pay attention to windows, doors, exterior vents and service pipes. If there is a need, conduct patch jobs to seal the little welcoming entry points pests are looking for. Windows and doors may need weather stripping installation or replacements, and caulk and other related sealants will be required for the other blemishes.

Landscape & Property Maintenance

While you are outside, now is a good time to remove waste and clutter. Firewood and other materials you want to keep should be neatly organized away from the home. Leaves, sticks, and other refuse should be disposed. Grass should be manicures, bushes and trees need to be trimmed and pruned, preferably away from the home to avoid pests from wondering to close. Removing the clutter will decrease the available habitats appealing to many pests. Trash cans need to have their lids tightly fastened so pests are not drawn in by odors or convenient banquets. Pet food should be properly sealed to keep the unauthorized critters from partaking.
Ensure all leaks and other water sources are repaired and reduced to remove a water source.

Interior Pest Inspection

Look for similar gaps, holes, and cracks and properly seal them. Repair leaks on pipe work, appliances and faucets throughout your home. Eliminate clutter such as; outdated magazines and catalogs, junk mail, piles of clothes or linens and other possessions. A good rule of thumb is, “if you haven’t used it within a 12 month period, you are not going to.” Donate, recycle and dispose of unnecessary objects to reduce potential housing for pests.

Decluttering & Pest Proofing Food Storage

Remember, most pests are looking for food supply and water needs. Go through pantries and cupboards and ensure all food, and ingredients is properly sealed. Paper storage like cardboard boxes, paper or plastic bags are not enough to keep insects or rodents out. Invest in quality sealed containers to better protect your food. Ensure all spilled crumbs are cleaned.

Professional Pest Control

Invest in professional pest control services. Having a routine pest control specialist, can help dramatically. Hindering their efforts by removing their basic needs is a good place, but having a professional include routine maintenance can be a huge benefit in keeping pests out of your home, averting potential damage, germs and diseases inflicted by pests.

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