Signs of a Pest Infestation & How to Keep Spring Bugs & Pests Away from Your House & Yard in Lago Vista, TX

The season for outdoor barbeques and swim parties is almost here. The nice warm weather always brings people outside to spend time enjoying it. After a long winter it is nice to have a fresh warm day to enjoy some outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the warm weather tends to be the same time of year that pests start to come out in full force. They will start to invade not just your home but outside your house as well. Pests were not bred to live indoors. They are born out in nature and that is where they should stay. The problem is that they know where to find comfort and that happens to be your house and yard. In nature, birds and other insects will feed on pests and that will help keep a balance in the eco system.The biggest issue is that when you have pests in your house they are not being sought after by a natural predator. That means they are able to reproduce and continue to infest unless you hire a pest control service. A-Tex Pest Management lists signs that pests are taking over your yard and property.

What Critter or Pests Makes a Mound of Dirt?

If you are worried about pests getting too close to your house you want to keep an eye on the yard. The yard is the first area that a pest infestation can start that will then lead to your house. One of the things that you can keep an eye out for are mounds in the yard. The mounds can mean several issues with pest. The main one that you want to watch out for are ant hills. A colony of ants would be happy to set up shop in your yard. They start to dig in the ground to create tunnels and the dirt is pulled out and mounded around the entrance of the colony. The mound is a sign that ants are invading your yard and your property. The ants can then go from the yard to your house which is a problem that can affect your life. You want to stop an infestation of ants by calling out a pest control company.

What Insect Leaves Sawdust Around Wood?

Many homes have some level of wood that is exposed around the house. This may be a patio, deck or the eves of the house that wood as a base. The exposed wood is something that can entice carpenter ants and termites to come to your house. The signs that you can look for are tunnels that come up from the dirt around the house. You can also look out for holes in the wood and even some sawdust that has piled up just outside the hole. Carpenter ants and termites are a huge problem and should be dealt with immediately by a professional.

What Insects Kill Grass Roots?

Lastly your grass can tell you a lot about what is going on. If you are caring for your yard and grass and you notice there are areas that are dying or looking wilted you might have grubs, chinch bugs, and armyworms. These insects will lay their eggs and the larvae will eat the roots. You want to make sure that your pest control company treats the inside and outside of your property.

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