Do Raccoons Have Hands or Paws? Raccoon Intelligence & Other Facts in Round Rock, TX

When it comes to critters that might be invading your personal space there are some that you really need to be cautious of. Critters are supposed to be left out in the wild enjoying their life foraging for food and shelter. The problem is that they can start to find those same things when they invade your house. You are sure to have leftover food that is in the trash cans or cupboards. Raccoons can often find a spot to sneak in the house to start to make their nest or home. You want to make sure that if you are stuck with critters invading your home you call out a professional pest control company. We can inspect for what critters you have and the best way to remove them from your home. One of the critters you might see around your house is a raccoon. They are a well-known critter based on sight but what do you really know about them?

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Some Interesting Facts about Raccoons

Raccoons are Fast: Raccoons are critters that need to be able to get around and on many surfaces. They are able to gain speed up to 15 miles an hour which is fast for their size. They also are able to scale a tree keeping that same pace. Lastly they are able to swim and are quite agile no matter what surface they happen to be scurrying along. They are similar to a cat because if they happen to fall from a peculiar height they can land unharmed which makes them more willing to take some risks traveling.
Raccoons are Nocturnal: This may not be a huge surprise for you since there are other critters and even pests that are nocturnal. If something is nocturnal they are found awake at night foraging, nesting and overall living in the dark. That means that in the day time they are usually sleeping the day away. The raccoon is a nocturnal animal and is adapted to living in the dark and being able to make their around.
Raccoon Hands or Paws?: One of the most interesting parts of a raccoon happens to be their paws. When it comes to paws you might be picturing a dog’s paw that has those pads with stubby toes that really are not able to do much. The great thing about a raccoon paw is that they have five digits on their paw that are dexterous and move independently. That means their hand will work similar to a person’s hand. They can grip onto things and are able to grab and move items that other critters cannot. They can pull off your trash lid in search of their next meal.
Why Do Raccoons Wear Black Masks?: The black fur that surrounds the eyes of a raccoon that happens to be one of their characteristics that set them apart has a function. The black fur is there to allow the raccoon better vision. The fur will help to absorb light that might be coming at them so they are not blinded by any light.

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