Pest Proof Tips; How to Keep Bugs & Pests Out of Your Leander, TX House or Apartment this Fall

As the seasons change throughout the year so do the bugs and insects that are out and about. It depends on who you talk to what season has the largest bug and insect problem. Much of this depends on the climate of the city that you live in as well as your personal opinions on what bugs are the most annoying. But no matter what season it is or what bugs and insects you see you probably do not love having the pests around. So what can you do to try and bug proof your home as much as possible?

Rodent & Pest Proofing Window Screens

Having window screens on all of your windows helps prevents insects from entering your home. The tiny mesh on the screens prevents bugs of all shapes and sizes from coming in and disrupting your family. If you do not have screens on all of your windows you should definitely put some in. If you do have screens you will want to regularly inspect them for tears and holes. If there are lots of tears and holes you will want to replace the damaged screens.

Keep Bugs from Coming Under Door

Doors keep your safe home from more than just burglars; doors also keep your home safe from bugs and insects. Bugs and insects do not need much room to squeeze their way into your home through a gap in your door. A visual inspection of your door may surprise you! If you look at your door you may notice unsealed gaps around your door. You can seal the gaps around your door with kits from your local home improvement store. You can install a door sweep on the bottom of your door to help with this problem as well.

Mesh Insect Screens for Vents

Crawl spaces and attics are prime spaces for insects and rodents to live. You can install mesh on vents in your attics, crawl spaces, and dryer so that bugs and rodents cannot get in through them. Installing mesh vents is simple and easy process.

How to Keep Pests Out of Yard

There are lots of different bugs that will take up residence in your yard. Mosquitoes and fleas in particular are happy to infest your yard if you do not maintain it. In order to prevent different bugs and insects from infesting your yard it is important to keep up on yard maintenance. You will want to make sure that you look for any areas that have pools of water. Pools of water are prime locations for bugs to set up shop. If you have leaf litter and garden debris in your yard they are also prime spots for insects and bugs to live. You will want to keep your debris to a minimum as much as possible. Keeping your trees and shrubs pruned will also help prevent insects from living in them.

Dispose & Store Waste Properly

Many different bugs will live in your garbage if given the opportunity. To avoid this you will want to make sure that you keep your trash properly stored and sealed in garbage cans. You will also want to empty your garbage cans regularly.

Pest Inspections, Control, Removal & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

Implementing the tips above will not completely get rid of bugs and insects on your home and property but it can reduce them. In addition to the tips mentioned you will also want to have a regular pest control service come and spray your home. This will ensure that any bugs that are on your property do not become a serious problem for you and your family. Give A-Tex Pest Management a call today to set up your first pest control appointment!

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