Bites, Stings & Allergies from Fire Ants, Bees, Wasps, Cockroaches & Other Pests in Austin, TX

Many of use harbor a foreboding with near allergic reactions to those members of the lower orders, particularly insects (six legs) and arachnids (eight limbs). Though there are some spiders with venom that is universally unpleasant for the human family, many are at most irritants and nuisances. However, we tend to shy away from even the non-venomous if they want to share our domicile with us. Nature is good, outside, not inside with us. But there are exceptions even with the more benign creatures.

Anaphylaxis Symptoms

Anaphylaxis is the allergic reaction to some chemicals and is also referred to as Anaphylactic Shock. This is brought about as the immune system dumps quantities of chemicals that flood the body on exposure to an allergen. Some of the symptoms include:
• Skin reactions like hives, flushed skin or paleness
• Temperature, suddenly feeling to warm
• Swallowing difficulty with a feeling you have a lump in your throat
• Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
• Abdominal pain
• Weakened and rapid pulse
• Swollen tongue and/or lips
• Breathing difficulty, wheezing, struggling for breath
• Tingling hands, feet, mouth or scalp
• A sense that there something really wrong with your body, dizziness, confusion or loss of consciousness.
• Feeling weak.
And bugs can cause this. Those with allergies are very susceptible to the presence of insects or a possible allergy connected to venoms and saliva.

Pests that Cause Allergies

Fire ants are notorious for causing severe allergic reactions. Normally bee stings and most spider and scorpion attacks cause discomfort and irritation. But to those who are allergic they can be literally deadly.
The typical roach, as disgusting as they are for most of us are not venomous and are happily chewing the glues that bind our books and are basically benign. It is what grows on them that is dangerous. Molds, fungus and bacteria are all over the bodies of roaches. Disease spreading organisms and allergens abound causing at least discomfort but for these susceptible perhaps affecting their mortality more than the mere inconvenience of sneezes and sniffles.

Asian Lady Beetle Allergies

Many allergy sufferers may be threatened by insect venoms and allergens. These may cause anaphylaxes in some of us. Even critters that are beneficial, like the Asian lady beetle. The lady bug in some area migrate into homes to winter the cold season. Infestation starts in late fall and remains until spring. They’re just trying to get in out of the cold. But they emit an acrid odor and release a defensive chemical if molested that leaves a yellow stain. All of these put together is attributed to asthma and eye irritation when an infestation occurs. For health reasons these normally beneficial and benign neighbors need to be controlled if they decide to move in with us.

Biting Insects & Pests

Then there are those vampiric creatures that consider us a prey. Bed bugs, kissing bugs, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. For these guys we are a walking smorgasbord and prime for lunch. The main problem about insects in the home is that some many of them are disease carriers or give off allergens that affect our health. Outside yes. Inside no! Ants are a big problem, fire ants have been known to over come small pets, probably one of the few insects that represent a problem when outside and need attention. These little guys also may suppress other ecologically beneficial species. Other species like some ants and termites are destructive on the structure of your home as well.

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Pest control is an ongoing battle. Insects multiply rapidly, meaning they can rapidly mutate to overcome the effectiveness of pesticides. A pro ‘bug man’ is needed to wage this war, as he/she has the knowledge of insect behavior and life cycles and the suitable chemicals to apply for population suppression. Call our pros at A-Tex Pest Management to address your pest problem.

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