Do Fire Ants Bite or Sting? How Do I Get Rid of Fire Ant Infestations in My Yard in Briarcliff, TX?

Ants are the most common insect that humans will ever come into contact with. We see ants almost every day, whether they are walking along the sidewalk, at the park or have somehow gained access into our homes and are searching for a bite to eat. While most ant species do not pose too much of a serious threat, there is one ant species that you should steer clear of and that is the fire ant. Fire ants are the most aggressive ant species. Fire ant mounds are infamous for popping up in yards, parks and play grounds. However, fire ants will also build their nests under logs, bricks and sidewalks as well. A-Tex Pest Management’s technicians are skilled and experienced in dealing with fire ants and keeping them a safe distance from your home.

Do Fire Ants Bite or Sting?

When attacking, fire ants use their mandibles to grip their prey (bite) and then inject venom through a stinger. Fire ant stings are painful and can even be fatal if the victim experiences a severe reaction. A fire ant sting contains alkaloid venom which is highly irritating to humans and results in red bumps and white pustules, which can ultimately lead to scarring. The sensation of a fire ant burn has been described as “stinging” and “intense burning” and fire ants are known to attack potential threats or prey in large numbers.

How Do I Control Fire Ants in My Vegetable Garden?

Spring time is the perfect time to begin cultivating your garden and planning new vegetables, flowers or fruit trees. Gardens are a great source of food for annoying insects that plan to spoil your harvest, however taking the appropriate steps will assist in properly protecting your newly planted garden. One of the most important steps you can take to protect your garden this spring is to hire A-Tex Pest Management to service your home from the very aggressive and territorial fire ant. If fire ants are able to establish a nest within your garden, they can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Fire ants move quickly, and if they feel the slightest amount of threat they will attack. Fire ant stings are very painful, especially when they are inflicted in numerous amounts. A-Tex Pest Management will keep fire ants away from your garden and keep you safe from a fire ants sting.

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While most ants may look very similar, fire ants are usually black and red and can grow up to a 1/4 of inch long. The behavior of an ant is also very telling of its species. When a fire ant nest is disturbed the fire ants will act extremely aggressively and crawl quickly toward any perceived threat to attack with their stings. If you suspect that fire ants are close to your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately to keep you and your family safe from the sting of fire ants. A-Tex Pest Management offers the best fire ant control available.

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