Are Ticks Worse or More Active During Spring in Manchaca, TX? What Disease Can a Tick Spread?

Spring time seems to be quite inviting to warm weather, blooming flowers and an increase of insects. One of the most annoying insects that have become a nuisance in Texas is the tick. Ticks are becoming more aggressive and can be difficult to locate on your body, especially if you are not looking for them. Ticks hide out in trees and other heavily vegetated areas waiting for an innocent passerby to latch onto and begin sinking themselves into your skin. Recently a family had been on a leisurely walk near their home and came home only to discover that ticks were all over their heads and behind their ears.

Check Yourself & Pets for Ticks

Ticks will attach to you anyway that they can, so it is very important to check your entire body when inspecting for any sign of ticks. There are some areas of the body that ticks prefer to attach themselves to more than others. These areas are also places where ticks seem to go longer lengths of time without being noticed. Many of these areas include between the toes, behind the knees, in the groin, inside of the belly button, underneath breasts, in armpits and behind ears. Check these areas of your body thoroughly to make sure that you do not see any sign of a tick.

What is the Best Way to Prevent Ticks on Dogs?

Ticks not only love attaching themselves to people, but they will also latch onto our dog if they have the chance. Your dog probably goes out in the bush more often than you do, especially if your property is heavily covered with trees and other thick vegetation. Ticks will latch onto your dog when it brushed by a tree or bush, once attached to your dog, it will begin sinking itself into your dog and sucking its blood. If your dog comes in and out of the house, chances are ticks will be inside of your home as well. The best way to keep ticks out of your house is to perform tick inspections on your pet as well.

What Bacteria & Disease Do Ticks Carry?

Ticks are responsible for spreading a number of harmful diseases that can harm humans as well as your pets. Ticks are known for spreading diseases like Lyme disease, Bartonella Bacteria and other dangerous diseases. Tick bites today have a much higher potential to make you sick due to the increasing deer population. If you suspect there are ticks in or near your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management today.

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