Christmas Pest Control Mistakes to Avoid in Round Rock, TX; Check Decorations & Tree for Bugs & More

You might be surprised to find out the many common mistakes we do every year during Christmas that actually cause pests to invade your home. There are a number of pests that invade our home each year that can be avoided if you take the proper steps. A-Tex Pest Management would like to warn you of some of these mistakes and how you can prevent a major pest invasion this holiday season.

Check Christmas Decorations for Pests

To start, each year we decorate our homes to bring in the festive feel of the holiday season. However you might not realize you are bringing many pests into your home that might be lurking inside your Christmas decorations. Pests like cockroaches, spiders, rodents and clothes pests often infest Christmas decoration. Your decorations give food, shelter, and warmth to many of these pests and where your decorations are left in storage for months on end, they are left undisturbed. Therefore, your boxes and bins become an ideal place for pests. The most common mistake we do is not checking your decorations for pests before you bring them inside and not storing them properly. Before you bring in decorations, take them outside on the porch or close to the home and open the containers or boxes and give pests time to leave once you’ve disturbed them. Some will even go to the extreme of unpacking and cleaning their decorations outside and make sure they don’t allow the unwanted creatures to enter the home. Also make sure you pack your decorations properly. Too often we use boxes. This is a mistake in and of itself. Many pests feed on starches like cardboard, so you are just inviting them to a banquet when you use boxes. We suggest getting a heavy plastic container that seals. Don’t over pack where the containers don’t seal properly.

Make Sure Christmas Tree has No Bugs

Our next mistake is the Christmas tree. Many people use fake trees, but for those who cling to the real thing, we often bring in pests with a real Christmas tree. Beetles, aphids, spiders and other pests often accompany evergreen trees. Before you bring in an infestation, do a few simple steps to avoid pests this year. First inspect your tree for any signs of pests. Obviously avoid any tree with signs such as spider webs, small cotton like pieces attached to the tree or small holes that could be caused by beetles. Once you have found a good tree with no signs of bugs take it home. Before you bring it inside, shake the tree hard to hopefully remove any unseen bugs clinging to the branches. Next wash the tree off with a garden hose and allow it to dry. If any pests remain, use your vacuum to suck them up as you come across them.

Holiday Foods Attract Pests

Lastly another mistake is holiday cooking. Many pests love fatty, sweet and salty foods. That sounds a lot like our holiday cooking right? Cockroaches, rodents and pantry pests often enter our home with the aromas of all the tasty treats. We often don’t think about it, but food left unsealed or not cleaned up properly invites all these pests into your home. Make sure to seal up food in air tight containers and keep all crumbs and cooking messes cleaned up. Keep in mind pests will be drawn to your home regardless because it’s a warm place to live out the winter. Feeding them will increase the population and you will find yourself invaded this holiday season.

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These are but a few of the common mistakes we do each holiday season that causes pests to invade our homes. There are others like storing firewood too close to your home that also contributes, but if you play your part, and A-Tex Pest Management plays ours with routine pest management programs, together we can keep your home free of all pests this year. If you’re in need of pest management, contact us today.

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