Do Norway Rats Spread Dangerous Diseases? How to Prevent & Get Rid of Rodents in Georgetown, TX

There are several rodents throughout Texas. Homes and businesses are known to be intruded on mice and rats that wreak havoc. From the theft of food and materials for nesting and property damage to spreading bacteria and diseases; any rodent in your home or business is terrible. Rodents will urinate and defecate wherever they happen to be, as they contaminate your food and surfaces, destroy structure and utility lines, as well as a pose a physical medical threat with their daily activities. In Texas, house mice, deer mice, and Norway Rats commonly invade homes. Today, at A-Tex Pest Management would like to discuss some of the basics concerning Norway rats.

Norway Rat Identification

It is believed these rats originated in Asia. Norway rats are very common rodents and despite their name are found around the world. If you know what you are looking for, these rats are fairly discernable. In comparison to other rats, Norway rats feature a blunt muzzle, a short scaly tail, and smaller ears. Ranging in color to variations of brown and gray, they have scattered black hairs throughout their coarse fur. In colors of gray or white, the underside of Norway rats is lighter. Norway rats average 12 ½ – 18 ½ inches in length range in size. These rats average 10 to 11 ¾ ounces in weight scurrying around on all fours like most rodents.

Where Do Norway Rats Live?

When the temperatures drop, and food and water become scarce as fall tends to be the more popular time of year when these pests’ infiltrates homes and businesses. However, Norway rats will invade homes any time of year given the opportunity. Burrowing in close proximity to one another and doing daily activities together, Norway rats live socially. You can be sure there is more if you see one rat usually. They seek the undisturbed areas such as under the clutter and debris found in basements once inside. These rats will take shelter in structures in these areas that offer safety, shelter, and other comforts as well as to flee harsh weather conditions and/or predators and outdoors Norway rats are likely found in farmland and fields but will take shelter in structures. Typically, along riverbanks or developed areas around concrete slabs, wood piles, garbage, and other clutter since the loose soil is where they prefer to burrow.

Are Norway Rats Dangerous?

Making them often the culprits when homeowners discover destroyed electrical wires and plumbing pipes, as Norway rats have incredibly powerful gnawing capabilities. They have powerful jaws and can chew through plastic and lead pipes. Norway rats can easily tear through food wrapped in flimsy plastic, paper, and cardboard in addition to the utility lines they can gnaw through. Norway rats will pilfer what they can and contaminate the rest with their bodily waste or other bacteria that has attached to their body after they break into your food supply. Though it is very probable they carry fleas which can spread and deliver the diseases they carry as well since they vector of diseases such as rat-bite fever, the plague, cowpox virus, salmonellosis, jaundice, and trichinosis.

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You can keep your food and home well protected in conjunction with adequate sealing of your home and preventative pest control services with simple housekeeping, controlling clutter, trimming back vegetation, and storing your food in air-tight containers. Call A-Tex Pest Management and our technicians will do the rest whether you need assistance getting rid of Norway rats or simply want help to better protect your home.

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