Signs of a Rodent Infestation in Garfield, TX; Loud Noises, Rat & Mice Droppings, Bite Marks & More

Just like we enjoy being in our warm homes during the cold winter season, so do pests including rodents. Rats and mice are not happy out in the cold and want to do all they can to get under cover and find a warm place to nest. Rodents are known to start nesting inside walls, attics and basements of homes while they reproduce and feed their young. A rodent is not good to have around for many different reasons. One is that they are bad for allergies and their feces and urine has been known to make people sick. Perhaps one of the worst problems with rodents is the destruction that they can cause. They will chew through wires, insulation and cords in your home putting you at potential risk of dangers like a house fire. They also get into food that is not sealed up tight and can chew through boxes and packages to get to a meal. A-Tex Pest Management lists of signs that tell you there is a problem with rodents in your home.

Rats & Mice Make Loud Noises

Okay so a small mouse of two are pretty quiet and can be hard to hear them scurrying around. Unless you know what you are looking for it can be kind of hard to hear. First off the mice and other rodents are not going to be very active during the day time when they can hear you moving around the house. They are going to be more active at night when the house is quiet and people are sleeping or resting. When they come out you can often times hear a little bit of scratching or scurrying along and in the walls. If you are lying in bed at night and in the quiet hear these sounds you may have a rodent problem.

Rat & Mice Bite Marks on Food Packaging

One of the things besides shelter that draw in rodents is the need for food. They are out looking for a free meal wherever they can find it and that also means in your cupboards. The cupboards are full of packaged food that is easily chewed through by a rodent such as a mouse. They are able to chew through plastic, boxes and even wood if they are determined enough. If you pull out a box of cereal and see the corner missing with small teeth bites in it you may have a problem with rodents.

Rodent Urine & Feces Droppings

When you are dealing with mice and other rodents you are sure to find their excrement all over. They don’t wait to use the restroom in a particular area or at a specific time. They are nasty critters and will drop feces and urine whenever and wherever they are. It can add up to be quite a lot and you will start to notice it. If you see these small dropping around you most likely have a problem with rodents.

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A-Tex Pest Management can handle all your pest control needs including rodents. If you suspect rodents are living in your home or wish to keep them out, give A-Tex Pest Management a call today.

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