Can Cat Fleas Affect Dogs in Daffan, TX? Life Cycle, Flea Borne Diseases, Treatment & More

Dallas, Texas is home to many pests including fleas. Dog, Cat, and Human Fleas are among the most common in the U.S. Fleas are a fairly harmful pest that can be especially a problem for your pests. In order to help you understand the fleas better, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to relate cat fleas versus dog fleas to help you better protect you and your pets.

Can Dog Fleas Affect Cats & Cat Fleas Affect Dogs?

Though very similar, generally needing a microscope to tell them apart, they do have specific differences that vary from dog flea to cat flea and other types of fleas. With that in mind, its important to know that the dog fleas found on your canine friend cannot harm your kitty. On the other hand, cat fleas can live and feed off your dog’s blood because they have been able to adapt. Cat fleas are causing more harm to our dogs than dog fleas are currently.

Cat Flea Life Cycle

Ctenocephalides felis, otherwise known as cat fleas, are typically found infesting our feline pets, but can be just as easily found on our doggies. Cat fleas will bite on human flesh but cannot live on people. Larvae, produced from the adult female cat fleas that can lay up 20 eggs a day, hatch and quickly mature into adults, continuing the reproduction process. The cat fleas develop at an alarming rate and live for up to 1 year if they are not efficiently treated by professional grade insecticides.

Signs, Symptoms & Cat Flea Borne Diseases

Cat flea eggs are, often being mistaken for cat dander and the fleas are brown in color. For cats with white coats of fur, the adult fleas are likely to be visible. Another indication of cat fleas on your pets is the often-visible dry blood they leave behind after feeding. Cat fleas are particularly resistant to many insecticides and though few may be effective for public use, professional quality products are always more efficient. Cat fleas are linked to different diseases; typhus or the Bartonella being the most common and if ingested, the cat fleas can cause a formation of tapeworms.

Dog Flea Life Cycle & Span

Dog fleas, or formally named Ctenocephalides canis are far more populated in Europe but are common enough in the U.S. that warrant that pet owners be educated. Cat fleas are actually more likely to be infesting your dog as over 95% of reported cases of dog flea infestations are found to be cat fleas. As mentioned earlier, cat fleas are very adaptable and can easily survive off living on dogs where dog fleas have bot adapted and do not live on your feline pets. During a life cycle of a female dog flea, they can produce 4000 eggs. Dog fleas are capable of biting humans, and like cat fleas, they are not able to live on people.

Dog & Cat Flea Inspections, Control & Removal Services & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

Treating the environment where your dog and cat frequent can potentially be removed with bleach, but to ensure they are effectively removed, professional services are encouraged and strongly recommended. If you know your pet has fleas, call the professionals of A-Tex Pest Management and let our specialists treat your home and yard to remove these harmful pests from the premises.

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