Fire Ants VS Carpenter Ants in Round Rock, TX; Where They Live & Nest, What Attracts & More

There are some pests that you just call the generic name. Such as cockroaches when in fact there are several species. There are German, American and Oriental to name the main few. When it comes to mice you might be seeing a field mouse or even a house mouse or something altogether different like a rat. It is always a good idea to know about the types of pests that are in your area and if they are a danger to you or your property. That way you can help to identify the threat and let your pest control company know what you are dealing with. There are very specific ways to deal with certain types of pests and ants are one of them. They also come in many different species that you could find in your house and on your property. There are some distinct characteristics that set some of the most invasive types apart.

A-Tex Pest Management Describes the Differences Between Fire & Carpenter Ants

Where Ants Live & Den: The first thing you can look for when you are trying to identify the ants that have started to invade your home is how they are living. The carpenter ant and the fire ant live in very different ways. The carpenter ant for instance is found living in tunnels that they have chewed through the wood products in your home and on your property. They don’t eat the wood that they are tunneling through but they do use the pathways. The fire ant is known for the large anthills that they create. They may be found in the yard of your home and the first sign is the hill they created. The hill can be quite large and sprout up in the middle of your property.
What Attracts Ants Inside & Outside the House: When it comes to what is attracting ants they are similar overall. They each are always on the look for foods that are often a bit on the sugary side. They want to be able to take the food back to the colony. The carpenter ant is also looking for a good exposed piece of wood to ensure they are able to tunnel. They are also in search of some level of moisture that includes damp wood or ground cover that will keep them from being exposed to the direct sunlight.
How Ants Are Harmful to Humans: They each have something you want to watch out for. When it comes to the fire ant they are one of the ants that will react aggressively if you invade their area. If you are unlucky enough to step on their hill or close to it you are going to come away with more bites then just one. They will start to feel threatened and bite. The bite is what sets them apart with it being one that will burn and sting. Unless you are allergic it will subside. The carpenter ants danger is that they will chew through the wood in your home and cause it to be less stable. You will often need to follow up with home repairs after an invasion from these ants.

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