Are Bats Harmful to Humans in Jollyville, TX? Bat Guano Health Risks & Diseases Transmitted

Many different species of bats call North America home. The three most common bat species found in the U.S. today are the Small Brown Bat, (Myotis Lucifugus) the Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus Fuscus) and the Mexican Free-Tail Bat (Tadarida Brasiliensis) which is most common here in the Southern states. These bats have lifespans ranging from 7-19 years old and live in colonies that are sometimes comprised of thousands to millions of members at any given time! Bats are insectivores making them beneficial to the environment because they keep insect populations down feeding on things like moths or beetles. From June-August we see an increase in bat activity because this is the usual time bats give birth to their young. In June, babies are born and within eight weeks they take their first flight. If you’ve noticed more bats coming out at night, this is why! Bats are nocturnal creatures, they roost in dark places during the day and come out around dusk. They love warm weather and can withstand high temperatures making attics, church towers, seldom visited storage sheds and other man-made structures the perfect environment for these guys.

Bat Diseases Transmitted to Humans

Bats are beneficial to our environments but can cause a real nuisance in our homes. If you have a bat trapped in your home it can cause quite a stir, but this is a simple fix. Contrary to popular belief bats are not blind. They do however use Echolocation to aid in their navigation. They emit high pitched chirps that produce sonar type sound waves that bounce off of objects around them that aid them in knowing their surroundings. When caught in tight spaces, like inside our homes, bats can become disoriented and frantic. Though for some it may be a bit unnerving to find a bat in their living room, a simple call to A-Tex Pest Management will solve the problem. We can relocate the bat to a safer environment. The major concern when it comes to bats in our homes is large colonies. A large colony in your attic or other secluded space not only causes unsettling noises at dawn or dusk when they take flight or come back to roost, but the droppings and urine they leave behind can cause some major health concerns. Nitrogen rich Bat droppings grow fungus and when they get stirred up we can potentially breathe in harmful spores that cause an infection called Histoplasmosis. Symptoms can be very mild for some, while for others with compromised immune systems or infants, it can be life threatening. Other health concerns that come from being in close proximity to bats is Rabies. Most reported cases of Rabies transmission to humans here in the U.S. are cause by bat bites. If you see a bat on the ground that appears to be in distress, do not touch it! It could in fact be infected with rabies and if bitten, the disease could be transmitted to you or a loved one. Other than health risks caused by bats, bat droppings also damage our homes. With large bat colonies a lot of feces can build up quickly, their urine and feces corrode wood and metal which can deteriorate the structure of your home and can make a roof collapse under pressure.

Bat Pest Inspections, Control & Removal Services & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

Bat removal should only be done by an experienced professional who has dealt with the matter before. This is no simple task and should not be performed by an amateur! A-Tex Pest Management is experienced and knowledgeable in bat exclusion and removal. Our skilled and patient technicians are trained experts and will help you with your bat problem the right way. If you suspect you have a bat issue on your premises, give us a call and we will come and perform a full inspection of the building in question. We will then identify the type of bat, and how many there to determine the best course of action of removal. We will find port of entry/exit, exclude the bats then seal off these points of entry to avoid the possibility of them coming back again.

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