Best Ways to Prevent & Control Spring Pest Infestations in Pflugerville, TX; Hiring an Exterminator for Perimeter Spray & More

Home invasion brings to mind visions of theft and savagery by human miscreants. But as spring approaches we must prepare for the onslaught of invaders of the small hairy rodent kind and multi-legged, venomous bug kind. Not to mention our more irritating and destructive feathered adversaries. Now is the time to prepare nature’s springtime pest Armageddon!

Controlling Spring Pest Infestations

Pests are with us always, though their ebb and flow of insect or rodent activity varies at different times such as those that coincide with seasonal weather and environmental changes. Now is a great time to think about controlling the coming explosion of insect populations. Consistent implementation of control strategies now can minimize the spring infestations. During the winter, the bugs migrate to your house, indoors and cozy comfy places to house their young, either larval or eggs. Some wiggle their way into our homes interior to be our room or bed mates. All of this activity may occur below our perceptive threshold. Since these critters have assaulted our domiciles, war is wagged around the home, rather out in the yard.

Best Perimeter Bug & Pest Control Spray

Hopefully the perimeter was secured from this coming invasion during the fall and early winter time. With a 60-90 day persistent level of applied compounds, most of the migrating bugs should have met their demise on crossing the barrier, at least a majority should have. The natural cycle of pesky invaders is that as the weather changes, we are faced with a new menace. The waves of bugs can test the most tolerant of personalities. Application of bait, perimeter barrier solutions and pest specific sprays applied to the most bug prone areas can aid in early containment.

Harmful Effects of Pests; Property Damage & Spreading Diseases

The problem with bugs is not only are they kind of scary, but they are destructive. They also carry and spread disease. Wherever there is prey, a predator is not far away. Many predatory insects are benevolent, ridding us of the destructive-disease kind, like lady bugs and the mantis’, but some pests are venomous and though not necessarily a health or death risk, stings and bites can be painful and uncomfortable to say the least. The young and old are more prone to complications then most others, but an allergy sufferer may even risk death.

Professional Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control, Treatment & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Let’s face it, you’ll never eradicate the beasties, but you should be able to control their populations. However different survival strategies call for different control tactics. Each pest has different vulnerabilities, life cycles, behaviors and control approaches. Spraying, baiting and utilization of pet and child safe procedures and products need to be considered and tailored to the species and your specific circumstance. What goes for bugs pertains to other pests as well. Migrant birds can be challenging, particularly if they are permanent summer residents. Rodents and wildlife can certainly be a challenge as well. Now is the time to plan for the spring and summer “bug” season onslaught. Consult your pest control professionals for determining your best plan for your spring defense. A-Tex Pest Management are standing by to exceed your pest control expectations!

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