Restaurant Pest Control Procedures in Leander, TX; How to Prevent & Get Rid of Cockroaches in Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

A cockroach invasion in a restaurant could be the end of your business. Whether you’re a large chain or an independent restaurant owner, you must take proper steps to keep cockroaches out of your restaurant. A-Tex Pest Management will share tips for all restaurant managers and owners that will help keep your restaurant spotless and free from pests, especially cockroaches.

Good Sanitation Practices Prevent Cockroach Infestations

To the obvious, keeping your kitchen clean is the first and major step for keeping cockroaches and other pests out of your kitchen. All foods must be stored in airtight containers that cockroaches can’t climb in and make a feast of your food storage. Never leave dirty dishes too long where the smells will draw in the cockroaches. Wipe down messes as they occur while you’re cooking and after. Shelves and cabinets should be wiped down and cleaned too. Always keep trash out of your kitchen by removing it daily. Keep the trash areas clean and containers sealed. Often the outside trash areas will bring the cockroaches to your restaurant and from there, it will lead them inside. That is why it’s important to keep you outside areas free of trash, clutter and food. If you have an outside dining area, remove all trash, food and clean thoroughly as the debris occurs. This will also help make your restaurant feel more inviting to customers and will keep the pests away.

Seal Leaks Around Restaurant to Prevent Cockroaches

Cockroaches are drawn to moisture. You will want to regularly inspect for leaks in and outside of your restaurant. Check your sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms for leaks. Cockroaches need to have both a food and water source. Without water, within a few days a cockroach will die. Be on top of dripping sinks and faucets. Don’t let water dripping draw in a cockroach invasion because they are in need of water.

Restaurant Sealing for Pest Control

Check for easy access areas. Look for cracks in the foundation, walls, and bad weather stripping on the doors and windows. You can use caulking glue to seal up those areas and replace weather stripping in the door if you have big enough gaps to let cockroaches in. Check for access areas especially around your trash deposit entrances. These are the most common ways cockroaches come into restaurants.

Routine Cockroach Control in Restaurants

Finally you will want to have a routine pest management schedule. If you’re doing your own pest management or you have a contract with a professional pest control company keep on a routine and stay on schedule. Many sprays and baits do expire and cockroaches adapt to pesticides. Therefore, it is good to have multiple types of pesticides that work on cockroaches, and rotate these pesticides around so the cockroaches in your area won’t be able to adapt so easily.

Cockroach Pest Inspection, Control, Treatment & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

One of the many benefits of using a professional pest control company is that they have many types of cockroach prevention techniques that they use to help prevent, remove and control cockroaches and other pests. If you need help keeping your kitchens clean and these nasty disease carrying insects out of your restaurant, A-Tex Pest Management is a phone call away. Call us today.

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