Asian Lady Beetles VS Native Ladybugs; Are These Biting Pests Harmful in Leander, TX?

Asian lady bugs, or lady beetles are fairly easy to identify. Some people are so fond of the unique coloring that they collect art and other collectibles. But Asian lady beetles are actually a pest, and we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share the fundamentals regarding these beetles.

Asian Lady Beetle Identification

With adults measuring 3/8″ long and 3/8″ wide, multi-colored Asian lady beetles are slightly larger than most native lady beetles. Their bodies are oval shaped or convex and the color ranges from yellow to red, without black spots on wing covers. The spotting can vary from size and patterns and the number of spots can range from 0 to as many as 19, though 19 spots is the most common. Their head is cream to yellow color with a black ‘M’ marking in the center which is typically concealed beneath the disk-shaped pronotum.

Native Ladybugs VS Asian Lady Beetles

Native lady beetles have less spots, averaging 4-6 spots on their backs and the color spectrum is a light to medium orange. These native beetles are not aggressive and very docile and they are also considered beneficial insects as they feed on many of the different plant pests. Asian lady beetles are far more aggressive and will bite people. These beetles are often mistaken for the native lady bugs due to their similarities. In moderation, and as long as they don’t over populate and invade homes, the Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle can also benefit landscapes, gardens, and other agriculture environments, as they feed on aphids, scale, insects, and many other pests that are known to damage plants. But as mentioned, these beetles are more of a household pest. In addition to congregating in the attic and wall voids they are also known to gather along windows, doors, porch, and decks.

Problems of Asian Lady Beetle Infestations

– These beetles will congregate in attics, ceilings, and wall voids in the thousands and even the tens of thousands. During the colder months when the heat is used, they will retreat from the voids and invade the living space.
– Along with biting, they will release a defensive chemical that is pungent and yellow, which will leave spots on the surfaces they are next to. Where they seem simple to wipe up, most find the smell to be the bigger nuisance. Some individuals can be sensitive to the excretions and experience allergic reactions; most of which are sinus and/or skin irritations. The sinus reactions usually subside once the beetle infestations are removed and most can find relief with washing their hands to avoid the skin irritation.

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Asian lady beetles are a pest that if your home is infested with these insects you should call A-Tex Pest Management for professional assistance. As their infestations can be massive, having a professional who know their habits, strengths, and weaknesses can effectively use their expertise, skills, and quality products to efficiently demolish the Asian Lady Beetle infestation in your home or business. Contact A-Tex Pest Management today!

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